Inflation – Increase in mobile and Internet plans in sight

The start of the year will be marked by the increase in the prices of most mobile plans and fixed Internet. In some homes, the bill is likely to be salty.

Mobile and Internet packages are not immune to inflation. While a few months ago, it was possible to find formulas for less than €15 per month, it is now necessary to count at least €16 at Red by SFR and Bouygues Télécom and €17.99 at Sosh to benefit from a package including unlimited calls and a nice data envelope. But the operators are not content to increase the tariffs intended for their new customers. Most have decided to also upgrade the packages of their current customers. According to them, this decision is necessary to cope with the surge in their operating costs (energy, materials, equipment, etc.).

In recent years, operators have accustomed us to this kind of increases, but until then, they targeted specific packages. This time, almost all packages, fixed and mobile, should see their price increase from a few tens of cents to several euros. And once is not custom, customers will not be able to oppose it. As article L. 224-33 of the Consumer Code authorizes them to do so, operators have the possibility of increasing their flat rates as they see fit, provided that they inform the persons concerned at least 1 month in advance and give them the possibility of terminating free of charge.

The telecom bill will therefore weigh more heavily on household budgets. For those who have several packages, it may even explode. If you want to limit damage, remember to check your emails and invoices to find out if you are affected by these increases. If this is the case, do not hesitate to compare the offers of the moment thanks to our comparators of internet service providers and mobile phone operators. You may be able to find a cheaper plan that meets your needs from a competitor.

Bouygues Telecom, the first to draw

The operator has already sent its landline and mobile customers concerned an email entitled “Our prices are changing” announcing that their package would increase at the end of January. Depending on the case, the increase varies from 1 to 2 €: 1 € on the B&You 40 GB package for example, 2 € on the 80 GB package. In reality, the increases can be higher. Thus, a subscriber saw his box + mobile package go from €65.89 to €69.89 (+€4 per month) last October due to inflation.

Extract from the email sent by Bouygues to its customers.

At SFR, discreet increases

At SFR, increases will occur on February invoices for amounts ranging from €0.69 to €0.99 per month. Almost all SFR and Red by SFR plans are affected. But while it is subject to a duty to inform its customers, the operator has done everything to ensure that the event goes as unnoticed as possible. He didn’t send either email or text message, as he usually does, but contented himself with an insert at the very bottom of the January invoice! Many customers may not understand what is happening to them when they discover that their bill has increased.

inflation telecom packages
SFR is very discreet in announcing the increase in its prices.

At Orange, 2 months of respite

For the time being, Orange customers seem to have been spared these increases. But it won’t last. The operator plans to increase most of its mobile and landline plans from €1 to €2 by March or April. Only the main subscription with social discount will not move. The Coup de Pouce offer, which allows people with a family quotient of less than or equal to €700 to benefit from a preferential rate for connecting to the Internet, should even drop.

At Free, nothing moves

Free is no exception to the rule it has set itself. It may not escape the rise in its operating costs, the operator maintains its choice not to increase the prices of its historical mobile plans to €2 and €19.99/month for at least the next 4 years. . However, these fixed offers are still quite expensive.

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Inflation – Increase in mobile and Internet plans in sight

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