In the Vairé quarry, the installation of a mobile asphalt plant worries

A request for temporary authorization for the installation of a mobile asphalt plant has been made by the Vairé quarry. ©Aerial photo Laurent Foreau

Who is the Graines de Liens 85 association?

Created in May 2021 at Vaire, Seeds of Links 85 aims to develop mutual aid, social and civic ties while being vigilant protection of biodiversity.

“The nerve center of the association is a shared garden worked in permacultureon land made available by the municipality”, specify David Giraud, president of the association, and Sophie Orhon, secretary.

Graines de Liens 85 is made up of about ten members. “Our idea is also to offer a civic watch around what is happening at the environmental level.

In Vaire, the career raises questions more particularly for the association when the renewal of its operating license for 30 years has just been granted.

Exploitation of the extended quarry, what now?

As part of this extension, one to two meetings per year are planned between the managers of the quarry, the sub-prefecture, elected officials of the municipality, residents and residents.

A first meeting was held on December 9.

“The Merceron company presented us with its program for the next 30 years and they announced to us that a request for temporary authorization for 12 months for a mobile asphalt plant has been submitted by Vinci to the prefecture. »

David Giraud and Sophie Orhon

The president of Graines de Liens 85 adds: “We find ourselves with a 30-year extension of operations and a new activity therefore more nuisance ! »

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During the meeting, the company Merceron assured those present that, thanks to new technologies, the nuisances of such power plants are now less. However, the association has doubts after inquiring about the subject: “We found a lot of testimonies from people who live next to this kind of installation. Nuisances are present: odors, dust, fumes that have an impact on air quality, etc.. »

A flashback ?

In Vairé, the quarry, which has existed since 1973, has already had an asphalt plant. It operated from 1993 to 2012. In February 2011, the Alise association was also formed with the aim of requesting the cessation of this activity.

Would the installation of this mobile asphalt plant therefore constitute a step back?

The association Graines de Liens 85 does not hope so. “The request concerns a temporary authorization for 12 months but one can always have a doubt, especially when we are discovering such a project now and of which there was no question at all at the time of the request for extension of quarry exploitation“, say Sophie Orhon and David Giraud who think that the municipality was presented with a fait accompli.

What does the municipality think of this request?

The installation of this mobile asphalt plant within the Vaire’s career was requested by Eurovia, a subsidiary of Vinci, from the Department of Vendée as part of the call for tenders concerning the repair of the departmental road D948, section between Challans and Aizenay.

The municipality of Vairé would not have been informed of this request by the Department. We can therefore effectively speak of a fait accompli, as Graines de Liens 85 thinks. It was Eurovia that contacted the municipality directly to inform it.

Michel Chailloux, Mayor of Vairé, believes that ” from an environmental and carbon footprint point of view, this installation in Vairé is the best solution. There’s no denying it, the trucks will have fewer miles to cover. On the other hand, it cannot be denied either that the population will be impacted by nuisances“.

Michel Chailloux specifies that this installation request was made for six months, from April to October 2023.

The operation of this asphalt plant will not be done every day but about three days every two or three weeks.

What does the association Graines de Liens 85 intend to do?

“Above all, we want to inform the population of Vairé. Many people are unaware of this facility. We will also write to the prefecture. »

David Giraud and Sophie Orhon

They also raise the question of the impact on tourism activity in Vairé : “We have campsites and furnished rental companies which will be impacted since the operation of this plant will take place during the season. »

As for the‘environmental impactit is obvious: “It is all the more unfortunate to install such a plant in a place that will be used as a water reserve in the future“.

What next?

The prefect of Vendée asked a public consultation that will take place from January 23 to February 17, 2023.

The file will be available for consultation at the town hall.

Michel Chailloux adds that “if we have a lot of remarks and questions, a public meeting may be organized with the operator.

The mayor wants to reassure: This request is a request for temporary authorization from April to October, we have been assured of this. And I asked for the plant to be moved as soon as it ceased to operate. I was also assured of it”.

The municipality of Vairé negotiated counterparties as works at a very advantageous cost for which Eurovia is committed.

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In the Vairé quarry, the installation of a mobile asphalt plant worries

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