In the north of the Lot, the galley of the inhabitants deprived of mobile network for a month

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The villages of Gagnac-sur-Cère and Laval-de-Cère have not had access to the network since the beginning of December. A breakdown has been identified on the Cahus antenna.

It is a hassle. They have no other words. In the north of the Lot, several dozen inhabitants have no longer had a mobile phone network since the beginning of December. The troubles started on December 1st. Finally, more exactly, on November 28. “That day I see that I have no network, but as often happens here I don’t panic. An hour later, it was restored. But on December 1, again, and this time- here, the network never came back”, indicates Jean-Paul, a resident of Gagnac-de-Cère. The Orange operator with whom he has his subscription tells him that the line is disrupted and that he will have to wait until December 9. Jean-Paul takes his trouble patiently. But very quickly, the diagnosis is delayed. “The intervention is scheduled for December 16, then we move on to December 22 and then to December 30,” plagues the local resident. In question: the Cahus antenna which also supplies the village of Laval-de-Cère, also deprived of a network, is down.

Jean-Paul no longer wants to know anything: a solution must be found and quickly. “I alerted the mayor and the deputies, I spend my days online with the Orange platform in Morocco, which can’t do anything, I’m fed up, I’ve been living here for eight years , I made up my mind about the poor quality of the network but in the 21st century you can’t live without a laptop to do your shopping, check your bank accounts, access the Caf…”, loose, disappointed, the inhabitant 63 years old. He can no longer order or pay online.

No train ticket for Christmas

“Besides the fact that I can’t receive or make a call, every time I receive an SMS on my cell phone to validate the payments except that no network, no SMS, so I’m blocked, I can’t do anything “, he continues. Fortunately, the Lotois has a landline. But his subscription does not allow him to contact cell phone numbers with it. ” JI was ready to buy a device from Orange to avoid this SMS code system but it’s the snake biting its tail because to order it, I receive the codes on the mobile, then Orange asks me to provide a number mobile phone to make an appointment and when they call me, it doesn’t go through”. A vicious circle. The retiree is also unable to buy a train ticket to go down to his family at Christmas.

The municipality of Cahus is partially covered in 3G/4G by the ransharing site (a sharing of mobile networks between operators) which is under the responsibility of SFR. For his part, this operator confirms a ” concern about the transmission link between the antenna serving these two municipalities and that of Teyssieu, to which it is linked. This is a complex breakdown, our maintenance teams have intervened several times unfortunately without success until today”. A new intervention is planned for next week, upon receipt of the equipment identified as defective. The recovery is expected on December 30. The SNCF teams add: “NWe are doing our best to restore service as soon as possible.”

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In the north of the Lot, the galley of the inhabitants deprived of mobile network for a month

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