In Juvigny-le-Tertre, the dangers of the internet presented to children

Thematic evening at the village hall of Juvigny-le-Tertre in front of 15 people. ©La Gazette de la Manche

About fifteen people took part in the thematic evening “Children’s digital uses” organized by the 2 Vallées school and the Val-de-Sée social center in mid-December at the village hall of Juvigny-le- Tertre, delegated municipality of Juvigny-les-Vallees (Sleeve).

Cyril Doll, presenter working with the e-Enfance association, presented the main risks to which children are subjected when they are on their screens (social networks, video games, etc.). ” No screen before 3 years old, no console before 6 years old, internet with support from 9 years old and internet alone from 12 years oldhere are the general recommendations to acclimatize our children to the digital world”, he announces.

Cyril Doll in the CE2 class with 23 internet superheroes!
Cyril Doll in the CE2 class with 23 internet “superheroes”! ©La Gazette de la Manche

3018, a number to know

Le-childhood association has existed for 17 years and acts in the protection of children on the internet and education in digital citizenship by prevention and awareness actions throughout France in school environment from elementary to high school, in the extra-curricular setting and with students. It is the focal point for all parents, children, teenagers or professionals who wonder about the digital universe, its uses and its potential dangers.

In partnership with the Ministry of National Education in the fight against bullying between studentsthe 3018 is the national number for accompany the young people, victims of digital violence and help their parents and professionals in their educational role.

There are solutions to protect against it.

The Internet is both a great tool, but also carries many dangers that threaten our children every day: cyberbullying, excessive exposure to screens, pornography, video games, sexual predators, identity theft, scams, fake news (false information ), …

Cyberbullying concerns an average of 3 children per class in France. Fortunately, many solutions exist to protect them: parental control, establishing family rules (30-minute tickets for example), knowing how to talk about suspicious images or information that appear on the screen, tools such as Digital Coach, Family Link (to establish a time limit) or AdBlock (to block advertising)... Any illegal content can be reported on

The role of parents

“When the child falls into a scam or gets tricked, no need to blame him. Explain to him that it’s not his fault and that as a parent, we are there to support him, ”explains Cyril Doll. Positioning yourself as a parent is important, there is a time to let things happen, do things together, watch things happen and have people do things.

Videos: currently on Actu

Several interventions in class

Cyril Doll also intervened with the pupils of all the classes of the school with the distribution of questionnaires (Incollables type) to the children. “It’s important to raising awareness from an early age. These children were born into an increasingly digital world and are often much more comfortable with applications or the internet than their parents.

During my various interventions, some children told me that they had gone to get their parents’ credit card for fraudulent online purchases,” he explains.

Madeline (CE2) who will be unbeatable on the dangers of the internet
Madeline (CE2) who will be unbeatable on the dangers of the internet. ©La Gazette de la Manche

In CE2 class, Madeline understood “that you can’t win a phone without doing anything”. To the question “What is the point of circulating false information?” “, Lilwen replies without hesitation “It’s to gain subscribers and therefore make money”.

When Cyril Doll asks if you can earn lives for free in a video game, “it’s not true” shout in chorus the 23 children of the CE2 class. “It’s such a complex subject, which evolves very quickly, that we need qualified speakers to discuss with children and adults. This presentation is part of the extension of a project on bullying carried out with the children and the educational team”, underlines Cécile Sonnet, director of the 2 Vallées school.

Thanks to the advice given by Cyril Doll, all the children at the 2 Vallées school have now become Internet “superheroes”!

Free, anonymous and confidential, 3018 is accessible Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., by telephone, on by live chat, via Messenger and WhatsApp. All information is available on different sites: ; ;

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In Juvigny-le-Tertre, the dangers of the internet presented to children

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