Hydrogen acclaimed by the general public

According to a global study by Bosch41% of respondents believe that hydrogen and fuel cells offer the greatest potential to drive sustainable development.

In 2023, 83% of respondents believe that future technologies will play a key role in the fight against climate change (compared to 76% in 2022) . This is what emerges from the new edition of the annual study Bosch Tech Compass which assesses the general public’s perception of the technology and its impacts.

Beyond this overall result, it is particularly interesting to note that hydrogen and fuel cells rank second (33% of respondents) for their particularly positive impact on society and third (41%) for their contribution to sustainable development.

If we can rejoice in the general public’s awareness of the challenges of developing technologies related to hydrogen, there remains a small fraction of our contemporaries who are resistant to it: to the question ” Which technologies do you think pose the greatest threat to society? », 6% of respondents answered “ hydrogen and fuel cells “.

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Behind the overall result, the responses vary significantly by state. The Germans (45%) and residents of UK (44%), for example, ranked hydrogen and fuel cells as the top technologies they believe will make a positive contribution to society. Unlike Brazilians or Americans who are in the minority to think that hydrogen and fuel cells are technologies of the future in the fight against global warming.

At the origin of these disparities, the position of the various states which inevitably impacted the opinion of the citizens. L’Germany has been at the forefront of hydrogen throughout 2022 with, in particular, in August 2022, various international alliances (with india, for example) whose objective is to allow the short-term import of hydrogen into the country. Additionally, in November 2022, Air Products, the leading industrial gas manufacturer, and Mabanaft announced plans to build the first large-scale green energy import terminal in Germany, in the port of Hamburg, in order to supply the country with hydrogen. In the United Kingdom, the government specified, in April 2022, its target for green hydrogen production capacity, increasing from 5 GW to 10 GW, and is exploring the replacement of fuel boilers with hydrogen models. On the private sector side, important announcements from companies such as BP have been made (production facility project ofgreen hydrogen on a large scale in Teesside).

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Commenting on the Bosch Tech Compass report, Vonjy Rajakoba, Managing Director of Bosch UK, said: “ although this is extremely promising, significant investment is needed, and it is clear that the public expects companies to do more for the environment “. It’s the least we can say. Even if in recent years the development of green hydrogen has accelerated, there is still a long way to go in terms of ambitions in terms of the fight against global warming.

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Hydrogen acclaimed by the general public

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