Huawei Releases First White Paper on Its Approaches to Fairness, Fairness, and Opportunity

Defends the creation of equal opportunities for all

VIENNA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At its Women in Tech event at the Peter Drucker Forum, Huawei called in its first white paper on its approaches to fairness, fairness and opportunity , ICT sector players to create equal opportunities for all, not just for their own employees.

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This white paper is part of Huawei’s ongoing campaign to strengthen education and access to digital skills for women around the world. Huawei, like many other companies in the ICT industry, stands for fairness, fairness, and opportunity within its own businesses. In particular, the company has taken measurable steps to increase diversity in its workforce and improve the internal representation of marginalized groups.

It is generally accepted that it takes time for such programs to produce significant tangible results. Therefore, Huawei has focused much of its efforts beyond the limits of its own talent pool and created dedicated programs aimed at benefiting the entire tech sphere.

By using ICT to connect the unconnected, Huawei hopes that everyone can go their own way and have a fair chance to pursue their dreams. The white paper includes several interviews with Huawei employees around the world, who discuss their actions to achieve these goals.

The “Women in Tech Carnival” event brought together famous women leaders from around the world, as well as promising young talents, to inspire more talented young women to thrive and take on leadership roles in various industries.

Nobel laureate Ada Yonath kicked off the event by saying, “Science is gender neutral, this is also true in many other fields. »

Huawei officially launched its Women in Tech initiative in 2020. Following a “Tech for Her, Tech by Her, Tech with Her” philosophy, Huawei has been working to develop and the use of technology that will particularly benefit women, building a more favorable environment for women in the technology sector, and encouraging more women to take on leadership roles.

Almost three years later, the Women in Tech initiative is now active in many countries around the world. In July 2022, the third cycle of School for Female Leadership In The Digital Age of the European Leadership Academy was held in Prague, Czechia. The program brought together future women leaders for a week of masterclasses, team projects, active learning sessions, group activities, themed dinners and cultural experiences. Huawei Ghana is also currently running a course for 50,000 female students and businesswomen on cybersecurity and other digital skills.

Huawei also released two videos featuring leading female role models.

Click here to download the white paper: A White Paper on Huawei’s Approach to Fairness, Equity & Opportunity – Huawei
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Huawei Releases First White Paper on Its Approaches to Fairness, Fairness, and Opportunity

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