Huawei 2022 Mobile Innovation and Development Competition Ends, Winners List Revealed

Huawei’s mobile innovation and development competition has just ended after submitting more than 2,500 innovative applications from more than 5,000 teams for more than 100 days. More than 530 teams of student developers and more than 500 female developers participated in the competition, highlighting the innovations of young developers.

Record number of participants, wide range of innovations

The competition was held in five regions of the world: China, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, with a record number of registered teams and participations.

In the Chinese region of the competition, Koudai Story won the all-screenplay cover award. The app is compatible on many devices, including watches, telematics devices and tablets, making storytelling accessible anytime. Among the winners of the Student Innovation Award were Rehabilitation Housekeeper and WEight; the former integrates cloud debugging and cloud testing functions and helps facilitate re-entry training, and the latter integrates cloud functions and cloud database and offers healthy eating solutions.

Other competing regions also attracted top-quality entries with enormous social value, aiming to pave the way for a brighter and more innovative digital future. For example, KonsultaMD in Asia-Pacific bridges the gap between patients and medical staff and provides high-level consulting services. GreenIt in Europe fights climate change by helping to achieve a carbon-free future. In the Middle East and Africa region of the competition, Us And Them helps children with intellectual disabilities receive reintegration science training at home. In Latin America, bienestar’s Sofie – Red offers emotional support to a wide range of users.

Winning apps

Encourage incentive benefits and developer support, inspire smart innovations for all scenarios. This year’s contest included a series of exciting rewards, including special perks and serverless services resources on AppGallery Connect.

Huawei will continue to support global developers in their journey of innovation, offering multiple contests and incentive benefits, as well as an innovation-driven ecosystem that makes smart solutions more accessible than ever.

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Huawei 2022 Mobile Innovation and Development Competition Ends, Winners List Revealed

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