How to track your delivery easily on iPhone?

Have you placed an online order recently and are the proud owner of an iPhone? Well know that you can easily track your delivery from it. It all happens in the Messages app. We explain to you.

The days of going straight to the stores when you needed something, whether it was for beauty products, a USB key, a book or even to do your shopping, seem a long time ago. From now on, we have almost all adopted the reflex of online ordering, fast, efficient and that we can above all do from anywhere, even the comfort of our bed… The proof is, according to a report by INSEE, in 2021, nearly 70% of French people made a purchase on the Internet. But if you’re one of them, you probably know only too well the difficulties that can be encountered when trying to find out the status of your delivery. Finding your tracking number, guessing with which carrier the merchant is sending our package, all of this can become a real headache. The good news for happy iPhone owners is that Apple has once again thought of everything: did you know that it was possible to easily track a delivery, directly from the Messages application?

Similar to the “flight tracker” option, this Apple feature can be very useful not only for tracking a delivery in a flash, but also for transferring a tracking to someone without having to provide him with all the information relating to the order. So, how to track your delivery easily on iPhone? Follow the guide !

The tutorial for tracking a delivery via Messages on iPhone

First of all, let’s start with a small clarification: this tracking option is only available with certain delivery brands, or certain merchants. This is particularly the case of Chronopost, which we will take as an example for this little tutorial. Don’t worry, the procedure is very simple. If you placed an order and it is eligible for Apple’s feature, you should have received a message regarding your delivery. Make sure this is the order you expect, then follow these steps to track your package:

  • Go to the Messages app on your iPhone;
  • Click on the message sent by the carrier or brand informing you of the status of your order;
  • You should distinguish a number, which corresponds to your parcel number, underlined in white;
Click on the tracking number, underlined in white.
Click on the tracking number, underlined in white. © SFR News
  • By clicking on this number, you will see two options appear on your screen, “Track the delivery” (symbolized by the drawing of a parcel) and “Copy” (symbolized by two sheets one on top of the other). It is the first option that interests us here;
You have two options when you click on your tracking number via Messages on iPhone
Two options are available to you when you click on your tracking number via Messages on iPhone © SFR Actus
  • After having clicked on the “Track delivery” option, you should be directly redirected to the site allowing you to follow the status of your order, and thus know when the delivery person will come.

Simple, isn’t it? We strongly recommend that you do not delete the message, knowing that you can repeat the operation as many times as you wish, until you receive your package. Once again, the Apple brand iPhones make our lives a lot easier!

Source : Apple

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How to track your delivery easily on iPhone?

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