How to surf the internet without leaving a trace?

Do you no longer want to be followed in your every move on the internet? The private browsing window will not be sufficient: you must opt ​​for a solution that can hide your IP address to become untraceable. We explain how to do it, it’s super easy.

Are you tired of being spied on for your every action on the internet? We understand. In France, 28% of Internet users use a VPN to avoid being tracked when surfing the Internet. With these tools, they can browse all websites without leaving any trace. This has nothing to do with the simple “private browsing” window which is strictly not anonymous.

Below, we will precisely explain to you how to surf the Internet without leaving any trace. The easiest way is to opt for a VPN software (both desktop and mobile) that will offer you the ultimate privacy in one click. Otherwise, you can consult our guide to 8 ways to stay anonymous online.

Use private browsing (not recommended)

On almost all web browsers, it is possible to have partial protection by using a private browsing window. The latter is often adapted with a black color to distinguish it from the classic window which, by default, is not private. By opting for the private mode, the browser will not store the search history, nor keep the cookies, nor save fields in the forms.

On the Chrome browser, go to the “File” menu then select “New private browsing window” to activate this mode. If you are familiar with shortcuts, just type Ctrl + Shift + N on a Windows computer to open a tab with this secret mode. On a Mac, you will have to replace Ctrl with the Command key.

Is Private Browsing really that private? The reality is… no. Our colleagues from Presse-citron have made a file that explains that private browsing does not allow you to hide your activity to its ISP, to the sites on which you connect or to the owners of the Wi-Fi hotspots that you use. We must therefore remain very vigilant: anonymous browsing is simply a mode that does not store data on the browser. On the other hand, it is not strictly speaking a tool to be anonymous.

A VPN to become 100% anonymous

Do you need complete anonymity to surf the internet without leaving a trace? In this case, we invite you to opt for VPN software that does not keep any logs. This is the case for example of NordVPN which offers you ultimate privacy when you browse online. Its interface is very easy to learn, even the most novice will be able to take advantage of it.

The principle of VPN is to create a virtual tunnel that allows you to 1) hide your IP address, 2) encrypt all your data and therefore 3) become completely anonymous on the net. Our file on privacy is available here. If all the publishers of this type of technology are not equal, the European company NordVPN is one of the great references in the world.

Discover NordVPN

Concretely, the VPN will run in the background on your computer, without slowing down your machine or your internet connection (for the best software). It will succeed in scrambling your traffic, which therefore cannot be read by your ISP. The websites you visit will also not know who is behind that anonymous IP address. In the end, you have absolute freedom on the internet.

VPNs are legal and do not pose any security problems. Beyond anonymity on the internet, their principle offers lots of different uses that have attracted millions of users. For example, VPNs will encrypt all your data, which will protect you on all public Wi-Fi networks that you can use (practical in stations, airports, trains etc). Also, VPNs allow you to relocate virtually anywhere in the world to access programs that are blocked in certain regions (TV channels, streaming platforms, etc.).

Today, the only way to be completely anonymous is use a no-log VPN. If you may have already heard of the TOR network, it is actually not anonymous and it is even very heavy. In terms of navigation, this is clearly not what we recommend for everyday use.

If you need to convince yourself of the effectiveness of a NordVPN for example (or a ExpressVPN), nothing could be simpler: there is a 30-day trial period which allows you to fully test the service without limitation. You’ll see, it’s super easy to handle. With just one click, you will be able to become completely anonymous and surf the Internet without leaving any trace.

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How to surf the internet without leaving a trace?

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