How to save energy with your Bbox?

Saving energy with your Bbox Must or Bbox Ultym is not complicated. Some tricks allow you to halve its energy consumption and reduce their electricity bill. Want to know them? Here is a little reminder of best internet boxes Bouygues, their equipment and the different ways to limit their impact on the planet and on your electricity budget!

The best internet boxes at Bouygues Telecom: the Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym

Many households use the Bouygues Telecom network for their internet access. The operator has two fiber offers with an excellent service/price ratio:

  • The Bbox Must at €24.99/month for 1 year then €41.99/month with a 12-month commitment. An interesting offer because the speed is higher than on the entry-level offers of the competition with a download speed of up to 1 Gb/s and an upload speed of up to 700 Mb/s. It is perfect for standard use, even for a family. Included are a 4K TV decoder with more than 180 TV channels, Wi-Fi6, and unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France.

  • The Bbox Ultym, at €29.99/month then €50.99/month, which takes over the Bbox Must offer with some improvements: a download speed of up to 2 Gb/s and an upload speed of up to 900 Mb/s, fast and stable Wi-Fi throughout the house, up to 2 repeaters included and a mini 4G box. It’s the perfect deal for highly connected families. On the TV side, the Bbox Ultym includes a 4K HDR decoder/recorder, Salto and Disney+ for 6 months.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to choose a box Bouygues Telecom. But how can you limit the impact of all this equipment on your energy consumption?

See the Bouygues Telecom box offers

Simple gestures to save energy with your Bbox

The first piece of advice we could give is to unplug your equipment in case of prolonged absence and turn them off at night by installing a power strip with a switch or remote control. To go further, choose Ethernet cables rather than a wireless connection to limit the energy consumption of your internet box. It is also possible to configure the extinction of Wi-Fi at night according to predefined time slots or to deactivate it manually.

Other simple gestures consist of:

  • Perform regular updates of your Bbox because they make it possible to optimize its operation. As for the TV decoder, activating its low consumption mode will reduce the automatic standby time.
  • Manage your recent TV well by activating Eco mode and CEC mode in the settings, which allows you touse one remote control for all devices (TV, home cinema, TV decoder). In this way, no more oversights: everything will turn off with your television.
  • Limit uploading videos to YouTube to listen to music, for example.
  • Avoid HD on the small screen and delete unnecessary emails whose storage is an important source of electricity consumption.

By combining all these small simple gestures, you are guaranteed to limit your impact on the planet and on your bills!

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How to save energy with your Bbox?

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