How to remove your personal data from the Internet effortlessly?

We all leave traces when browsing the Internet. Even being careful, it is almost impossible to remain incognito on the net. Whether it is data that is voluntarily left on social networks, or contact details given to a merchant site, it is almost impossible not to leave traces. Over time, our personal data is recorded on many sites. And if it is quite legitimate to wish to clean our tracks on the Internet, the task is often laborious. The right to be forgotten can then become a veritable obstacle course. To effectively help users concerned about deleting private data from the web, the software Incogni walks you through and does the work for you.

Edited by Surfshark, Incogni is an effective data deletion tool. This publisher, known above all for its VPN solution, now makes it possible to find and delete your data held by different companies. Incogni’s role is therefore to facilitate the deletion of users’ personal information. Basically, the tool will do the work for you.

What personal data do we leave on the Internet?

Our personal data on the Internet is numerous. Much more than you think! His contact information first of all: last name, first name, email, postal address, telephone number… But not only! Your social security number, identity card, and even credit card can be found in nature. You can consciously leave your data visible, but it can also leak following a hack of one of the sites on which you left it.

In addition to the data concerning you directly, we can also find your browsing habits, consumption or even your tastes and preferences. And of course, all of its data has real value for data brokers. These data brokers aggregate and sell your data, it’s a business in its own right. Incogni uses a list of more than 130 data brokers and will do the cleaning for you.

The service offered is fully automated, all interactions with data brokers are managed by Incogni. The request for overpressure, follow-up and possible reminders. First of all, you need to create an account and then subscribe to a subscription (€5.79 per month for an annual subscription or €11.49 monthly). Then just indicate which personal data you want to delete. It is recommended that you sign up with the email address you use most often. This will help the service find the most matching online data.

Subsequently, a power of attorney should be given to Incogni. This authorization will allow them to contact data brokers on your behalf.

For each of the brokers, Incogni will request the deletion of the personal data concerning you on your behalf. If some brokers play the game and delete your data without batting an eyelid, others are dragging their feet. In the case of no reason for refusal, Incogni will then contact the CNIL (and similar privacy protection organizations for other countries). The platform will then explore options for filing a formal complaint.

The interface allows you to follow all the steps. You can view the progress of removal steps clearly. Each step of the process is indicated. At a glance, you see the number of requests sent to brokers, the number of requests being processed and the number of deletions already made. Just wait for the tool to do the job for you. Day after day, the dashboard keeps you informed of the progress of treatments. You have nothing to do !

Doing all of these steps manually would take forever. In a single step, the platform takes care of everything. The time saved is enormous. Of course, after the deletion, it is advisable to regularly keep an eye on the activity of the data brokers. Some will collect your personal information again after a period of time. Deleting data an ongoing effort.

If the annual subscription is already advantageous, the offer of the Black-Friday offer 60% off. With promo code INCOGNI60, Incogni’s annual subscription drops to just $4.63 per month. Please note that the offer is only valid from October 27 to December 4!

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How to remove your personal data from the Internet effortlessly?

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