How to host your website for less than 5€ per month

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To host a website, we generally have the choice between shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and the Cloud. VPS hosting is the perfect compromise between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You enjoy an isolated environment on a server created by virtualization, an option that allows you to enjoy the advantages of a standard server at an affordable cost. What server can we have at less than 5 euros per month ? We tell you about it in this article.

How do you choose your host?

The choice of your host must take into account certain specific criteria, to ensure that it suits the needs of your website. You must therefore start from the use you will make of your site to choose the right hosting option.

Depending on whether the site will have very high traffic or will be more or less frequented, and also depending on the activities you will carry out there, you may have to opt for a shared server, a dedicated server, a VPS server or even a Cloud. How to choose between the different options?

Shared hosting can be considered the default option for hosting a standard site, including a one-page site, a business showcase site or an information blog. This is the server indicated when the site does not need special resources and you do not need configure the server in a special way.

Quite the opposite, the dedicated server is the one you need to host a business application, or even a large e-commerce store. It offers you best performanceand it is also more secure, which justifies its relatively high price.

To get the most out of both options, including the relatively low cost of shared hosting and the high performance of dedicated hosting, you can opt for a Cheap VPS. The last option is that of the cloud, but it concerns more sites with very high traffic, large e-commerce stores and multinationals.

Which VPS server at less than 5 euros/month?

It is possible to have a linux server VPS for less than 5 euros/month. The hosting company LWS also offers it from 2.99 euros excl. tax/month. In such a budget, you can have a super-fast server with SSD storage, a web-based control panel, unlimited traffic, and at least 2 GB of RAM. It is the ideal option for start at reasonable cost while having globally satisfactory performances.

  • Intel Xeon E5-1630 CPU;
  • 1 vCore 2.6GHz;
  • 2 GB of RAM;
  • 2 GB VSwap SSD;
  • 20 GB SSD;
  • 100 Mb/s Unlimited traffic;
  • ROOT SSH access.

As you can see, you can already in this budget have high performancefor your apps. Note that with the evolution of your activity and the needs of your website or your applications, you can migrate to an even more interesting offer. Whether you need more vCores, RAM or disk space, you can simply scale the resources of your virtual private serverso that it is really adapted to your current needs.

What are the criteria to consider for your cheap VPS?

On the market, you will find various offers with often very attractive prices. However, you should not limit yourself to the price, but go deep to check the content of each offer. It is also advisable to ensure the good reputation of your partner in the field.

The operating system

One of the advantages of VPS is the possibility of using the operating system of your choice, and configuring it according to your needs. You usually have to choose between Windows and Linux . The question of price often tips the scales in favor of Linux relatively cheaper than Windows, but this one is the most recommended for applications adapted to the Windows platform; and it is generally the one preferred by developers. NET.

The resources needed

What resources does your site need to function optimally? You need to take stock in order to opt for a Really suitable VPS to your needs. These include considering your hard drive needs, processor quality, and amount of RAM needed. You might also want to consider what you need in terms of IP addresses and data transfer.

The scalability of your VPS

Since your business is expected to grow, it is very likely that the resource requirements of your website or applications will also change significantly. It is therefore important to choose a VPS that gives you good options in terms of scalability. Your service provider must be able to offer you the possibility of resize your server at convenience.

The location of the host

It is recommended in this regard to choose a VPS hosted in France. The VPS offered by LWS are hosted in a minimum Tier 3 standard Datacenter in France. So you can enjoy the best of technologyat low prices, for the success of your project.

Managed or unmanaged server?

Do you want to take over the management of server backend operations or do you want a managed server instead? If you have the skills to take care of it yourself or if you have an IT specialist within your company, you could opt for an unmanaged server, which would be much cheaper. Otherwise, your host could take care of it for you.

The price of your VPS server

Prices vary from one host to another and also depending on the options. To make sure you select the most advantageous offer, it is advisable to compare several offers and even test them. That’s what free trial periods are usually for, so you can be sure choose the right cheap VPS. Also, it is important to have an available and efficient customer service to intervene in an emergency to resolve any malfunction. The best providers offer 24/7 customer support.

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How to host your website for less than 5€ per month

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