How to find your wifi password on a smartphone?

What’s your wifi code?“If you dread this question, seeing you then squirm behind your installation box to find this damn password, then we have good news for you. No need to make you cold sweats indeed, recover the precious sesame that gives access to your Internet connection has never been easier: it only takes a few clicks to find it on your smartphone.

Need to connect a new device to wifi? Whether it is for you, if you have fallen for a new computer or a new tablet for example, or for a guest who would like to be able to benefit from your fluid and fast connection, you will have to enter the famous password which protects the network without thread of your hearth. However, unless you have a perfect photographic memory, that is not an easy task. For good reason, the precious sesame is generally a series of numbers, letters and symbols that make no sense, knowing that it is indeed recommended to create a complex combination to prevent malicious people from being able to decipher it. And as it is also not recommended to write it down on a piece of paper, you never know, the question arises: how can you find your wifi password? The good news is that with our smartphones it has become an easy task. Here’s how to retrieve it from a mobile, iOS or Android, already connected to the network.

How to recover wifi password on iPhone?

Until recently, displaying your wifi password on your iPhone was literally mission impossible. So certainly, Apple taking care to simplify the life of its loyal customers, we could already share it on another device flanked by the bitten apple, simply by approaching it to the one connected to the network. But things got more complicated when it was a competing model… Hallelujah! The Californian giant ended up reviewing its copy and now allows, with iOS 16, to display and even copy a wifi password on iPhone. And you will see, it’s very simple:

  1. Make sure your iPhone has the iOS 16 update or later versions;
  2. Meet in the Settings ;
  3. Enter the tab Wireless ;
  4. Select the desired network ;
  5. Touch hidden password ;
  6. After verifying your identity via facial recognition Face ID or the fingerprint reader Touch-ID, you will see the password displayed. You will then also be able to copy it to simply communicate it to a third party.

How to recover wifi password on Android?

On Android smartphones, too, it is possible to find the wifi password of a network saved on the device, in just a few clicks. Google has indeed simplified the process on its famous operating system, which, as a reminder, runs most models except those of Apple and for a few years now Huawei. Since the Android 10 version, deployed in 2019, all you have to do is follow the same path which allows you to share your wifi via QR Code. Here are the steps:

  1. Open them Settings your mobile;
  2. Go to wi-fi menuwhich can be found in a “Network”, “Internet”, or even “Connection” tab depending on the version;
  3. Select the desired network ;
  4. Then choose the “Share” option by displaying a QR Code;
  5. After authentication, via your facial recognition system or fingerprint reader, you will see the wifi password displayed under a QR Code. If it’s another smartphone or tablet that you want to connect to the network, you can then scan this QR Code to share the connection more easily.

Simple, isn’t it? To go further, we invite you to find other practical tutorials in our file dedicated to wifi, where you can find out how to change your wifi password or some tips to improve the quality of your connection.

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How to find your wifi password on a smartphone?

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