How to extend the life of your smartphone?

When we buy a new smartphone, we hope that it will accompany us as long as possible. But it happens that its lifespan is reduced more quickly than expected, because we do not know the good practices which make it possible to optimize the longevity of the device and to take care of it. If you have just acquired one of the latest models or are trying to make an older mobile last for a future purchase, discover our tips for extending the life of your smartphone.

What could be more satisfying than using a new smartphone for the very first time? All beautiful, brand new, we would like the device to remain forever as it was when it was initialized. Unfortunately, over time, its condition can deteriorate: scratches, charging or autonomy problems, slowdowns… Our smartphones rarely remain in our possession for more than a few years, whereas they are normally designed to last over time. . Here are some tips to prevent your mobile from wearing out faster than it should.

Pay attention to applications that are too greedy

Open an application on a smartphone? It’s super intuitive, and so easy to do! But when we decide to move from one to another, we often forget to close those that are already open. However, the batteries of both iPhones and Android devices wear out when too many applications are constantly open and continue to update in the background, affecting the performance of your smartphone. It is therefore necessary to adopt good habits and remember to regularly close all the applications left open. Also, if you have many applications on your smartphone that you never use, consider deleting them: this will free up valuable space. And for more precautions, disable the background refresh of your apps. Here’s how:

On iPhone:

  1. Go into Settings ;
  2. Then go to General then Refresh in background ;
  3. Tap Refresh in background again to completely disable refresh for all apps that are running in the background, or manually disable apps from the list that you don’t want to refresh when you’re not using them.

On Android:

  1. Meet in the Settings menu then in Network and Internet ;
  2. Tap Mobile network ;
  3. Press on Mobile data usage ;
  4. Disable Background Data button or tap Mobile data usage to turn off the most greedy apps one by one.

Protect your smartphone well

Along with the battery, the screen of a smartphone is the component most likely to show signs of fatigue after several years of use, and having it replaced can be expensive. Also, do not hesitate to invest in a screen protector and a shock-absorbing case for your smartphone. And if the price puts you off, we invite you to look for yourself the average cost of a screen replacement for a phone that is no longer under warranty. You will see, investing in protection is more than a good option.

Cleaning up the memory of your smartphone

If your smartphone has started to slow down, one of the first things to check is its memory, and more specifically the amount of storage available. To ensure that your phone works properly, be sure to leave at least 20% free space, and do not hesitate to transfer your data to a hard drive or the cloud so as not to lose precious memories.

Blow dust from ports

Keeping your smartphone clean not only helps keep it looking like new, but it also avoids unpleasant surprises, including discovering at the wrong time that it is impossible to charge your device. Because when the ports become clogged, the connections are no longer made correctly. Dust, lint, crumbs: evacuate all these debris using an aerosol dust remover or a small brush with soft bristles.

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How to extend the life of your smartphone?

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