How to choose an internet box for gamers?

Given the dematerialization of video games today, having a good internet connection is necessary if you want to enjoy an excellent gaming experience. Thus, in many cases, you will gain a lot by opting for a good subscription. gaming internet box.

For choose the most powerful internet box for gamers, you must take into account certain criteria. These often vary according to the uses of each player, but you can reduce them to a few essential points: download speed, latency and connection stability, etc. Here are all the key elements to consider for select an internet box for gaming.

Opt for an offer with low latency (ping)

A good internet box subscription for gamers must offer as low a latency as possible. To play online, latency (time it takes for data to travel from mobile or device to server) must stay under 100 milliseconds. However, for a large number of players even this time seems high. They recommend a latency of less than 60 milliseconds.

If you want to enjoy the best gaming conditions, you need to have a ping under 40 or 20 milliseconds. Be aware that for some players, a cheap internet box turns out to be essential. However, to maintain low and stable latency, we recommend that you choose a premium box which is a little more expensive. Most internet service providers offer this kind of offer.

Furthermore, note that fiber optics achieve the best latency times for gaming. With the latter, average ping times correspond to less than 5 to 10 milliseconds. This is well ahead of VDSL and ADSL, which respectively display average latency times of 40 milliseconds and 60 to 80 milliseconds.

Also remember that the latency of a connection can vary, even when you play, depending on the occupation of the server. Nevertheless, the two basic elements remain the distance from the server and the type of internet connection. Once again, the optical fiber appears to be the best choice.

Consider the internet connection speed

This criterion seems crucial in the choice of an internet box for gamers. To ensure fast downloads, you must take advantage of very high speed. In fact, an increasing number of downloads are required for video games. This, both on PC and on consoles such as Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch, etc. To check your internet connection speed, you can perform a speed test. This remains an online tool that allows you to know the quality of your line and the speed at which you can download files, load web pages on your software, etc.

Here are the downloads that a gamer often needs:

  • The game itself: the latter can weigh more than 100 GB when it comes to AAA games;
  • Extensions: this concerns paid content and other DLC;
  • Updates : software, video game or console updates.

By opting for a 1 Gb/s fiber optic connection, you can download a 100 GB video game in 20 or 25 minutes. On the other hand, with a 30 Mb/s VDSL connection, you will have to wait several hours before downloading such a video game. In the case of ADSL, you can sometimes count more than a week to perform such a download. Even if the problem is less felt with the extensions, the differences remain enormous.

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Choose an internet box with cloud gaming options included

A good internet box subscription, in addition to guaranteeing a good connection, can also provide access to a large number of video games to play in Cloud Gaming . These games generally concern cult titles such as Batman Arkham or Tomb Raider, and therefore rarely recent games.

This option can, however, allow you to learn more about the titles that have marked the history of said games and enrich your experience in this area. If you want to have a cloud gaming optionin addition, you have to pay an additional €10 to €15 per month. Internet service providers who offer this functionality also give players the possibility of acquiring a suitable gamepad.

However, you can still use PlayStation or Xbox controllers to access the catalog of video games in Cloud gaming . We advise you to find out about this subject when subscribing to an internet box subscription. On the other hand, these options do not require a download, but a good speed is still recommended to make the most of the games.

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Prioritize access to optical fiber or at least VDSL

Even if optical fiber remains widely recommended for video games, this solution is not accessible to all players. Indeed, many Internet users still have to make do with theDSLand VDSL. The ADSL boxes do not guarantee good speed or good latency. In the best conditions, this type of Internet connection does not allow you to go beyond 15 Mb/s.

The VDSL which constitutes its evolution can however go up to 70 Mb/s or even to 100 Mb/s in the best cases. Therefore, the latter can very well allow you to download games. On the other hand, ADSL remains very slow, which is not suitable for AAA games that weigh tens of gigas.

Note, however, that the latencies of ADSL often seem low enough to allow you to enjoy a more or less good gaming experience. Faced with such shortcomings, there are unfortunately not many solutions to accompany ADSL in terms of gaming. The 4G boxes and 4G keys seem too limited in data each month.

In addition, a satellite offer would not make it possible to effectively support this type of Internet connection, since the latter is expensive, and would in this case suffer from too high latencies (100 to 200 milliseconds). Fans of video games subscribed to ADSL must therefore still wait. Considering all of this, access to optical fiber or at least VDSL seems essential to play online comfortably.

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How to choose an internet box for gamers?

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