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Doing research, connecting to a social network or making online purchases requires browsing the internet. However, it happens to be a victim of data theft while browsing the internet.

It is therefore important to have a VPN to ensure the security of your data when browsing the Internet. We invite you to learn more about the VPN!

What is a VPN?

VPN is short for ”virtual private network” resulting in ” virtual private network l” in French. This is a tool that helps protect your internet connection and maintain the confidentiality of your data when you are online. Having a VPN on your device allows you to browse safely.

In effect, the VPN establishes a encrypted connection between your device and the internet. More concretely, when you connect to a VPN server, while browsing the Internet, your original IP address is not revealed. Only the IP address of the VPN server is visible. The VPN therefore ensures user anonymity while they surf the internet. Their personal data is therefore well protected.

Who Needs VPN 2023?

Anyone who browses the internet should install a VPN on their device. Indeed, it is not uncommon to be hacked by cybercriminals on the internet. For to protect yourselfagainst these attacks it is necessary to use a VPN. Also, the VPN hides your IP address and makes you anonymous on the internet, so you need it to prevent trackers from spying on what you are doing on the internet.

Also, you need VPN to access blocked streaming services . In fact, sometimes due to local web restrictions, you find it difficult to access certain online content depending on your geographical location. In these cases, you need VPN to bypass geo-restrictions in order to access these blocked contents.

List of VPNs 2023

What is a Remote Access VPN?

One Remote Access VPN allows users to establish a secure connection with a remote computer network from anywhere in the world. Thus, with remote access VPN, users have the ability to securely connect to the corporate network just as if they were directly accessing the network’s servers.

Remote Access VPN is widely used by companies with staff spread all over the world. This allows employees working outside the company to access the company network and be aware of the information rightly than others. Therefore, the productivity of the company will increase.

What is a site-to-site VPN?

One Site-to-Site VPN connects one network to another network. In reality, the site-to-site VPN intervenes to connect two sites whose physical distance does not allow to establish direct connections between them. Companies therefore use site-to-site VPN to connect their head office to their branches via Internet.

Furthermore, it should be noted that there is two formssite-to-site VPN. Thus, when the connected networks belong to the same company, we speak of Intranet-based VPN . On the other hand, when the connected networks are attached to two or more companies, we speak of Extranet-based VPN.

What is a mobile VPN, smartphone, tablet?

One mobile-vpn allows users to stay connected from their different geographical locations on the same network. But, unlike remote access VPN, mobile VPN allows users to maintain a stable connectionand stay connected even if they change Wi-Fi networks.

As to Smartphone VPN or Tablet VPN , this is any VPN that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet. Using these VPNs makes it possible to access public Wi-Fi networks securely without fear of online attacks. With a VPN on your smartphone or tablet, you benefit from encryption of financial data and this ensures the security of your bank details in the event of an online purchase.

Before opting for a VPN, you have to take your time to analyze it well. For this, a number of criteria must be taken into account.


The first criterion to consider when choosing your VPN is the reliability of the VPN provider.So, you must choose the VPN from a reputable provider with a good reputation. Indeed, a popular VPN provider surely provides a quality service that earns them the approval of many and their popularity.

Also, to make sure your VPN provider is really reliable, read consumer reviews . To avoid being surprised, only take into account verified reviews. Also, a reliable VPN provider always offers a free VPN trial before you sign up for a paid subscription. Pay attention to this detail.


When choosing your VPN, the security it provides online is also very important to consider. You must therefore check security protocoloffered by the VPN provider. Usually VPN providers allow users to choose between several security protocols.

So you have to favor the L2TP/IPSec or OpenVPN protocol . These are the two best protocols offering a high level of security today. So make sure that these two protocols are among the security protocols offered by your VPN provider. It is not recommended to opt for a VPN provider that offers the PPTP protocol.


Another criterion that must be taken into account in your choice of VPN is the availability of your VPN provider.So you need to find out where your VPN provider company and its servers are located. In fact, depending on the location of the VPN provider’s servers, you will know if the VPN really suits your needs.

Furthermore, you must check VPN access time. Indeed, there are VPN providers that limit the time you can be connected to their VPN. So be sure to choose a VPN provider that offers24/7 secure connection. Also consider the availability of their customer service in case of concerns.

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How to choose a VPN in 2023: Secure your internet browsing? – The Tech Review

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