How to access Free TV from all your connected screens?

Increase in the size of screens, speeds, technologies… Operators have greatly improved the television part of their “triple play” offers. Indeed, television has long been leaving the living room to invite themselves into our pockets, especially on our smartphonesbut also in all rooms of the house.

Notice to Freenauts today! Your favorite operator has developed its own solution, offered to all its subscribers of course: the app WEQO. The acronym can be scary, understand: “Owherever you want” and “Qwhenever you want” + the two “EE of Free.

It’s already nicer! This application allows you to communicate between your different screens and to personalize your content, as long as you are subscribed to any of the operator’s Freebox offers, including the entry-level Freebox Revolution. A logical exception: the Freebox Delta S is not concerned… since this subscription does not include either TV service or decoder for that matter. For all the others, you can watch your favorite TV channels from your smartphone or tabletin addition to your usual television, up to 5 simultaneous users. And that, everywhere in Europe.

OQEE: Basic functions for beginners, plus a

To get started, there’s no need to wonder if your connected hardware is compatible: the OQEE app works with just about anything, whether you are on Android or iOS, whether you have an Android TV smart TV, a Samsung TV, or an Apple TV decoder. You will recognize the classic functions, most of which you already use on your usual remote controls:

  • zap between 550 TV channels available, including 220 free channels : a record offer, the whole family will find what they are looking for;
  • bring into pauseWhere start again live (“start-over”), and even juggle from one screen to another;
  • look into replayWhere save your favorite programs (10 or 100 hours available depending on your subscription). You can for example program recording your favorite match from your smartphone, during your lunch break, and watching it on your television, comfortably seated on your sofa, whenever you want;
  • and exclusively for Player Pop owners : access the services of video on demand thanks to Canal VOD and Filmo TV (20,000 films, documentaries, animated films or series are available, from the latest Marvel to the classic Casablanca).

Finally, so that each member of the family can access personalized content and recommendations, the OQEE application allows you to create as many user profiles as necessary. Very practical to navigate in such an abundant entertainment offer.

OQEE assistance: to be accompanied step by step

We are not all very comfortable in front of our connected devices, with increasingly advanced functions. Free understood this well, and don’t leave you alone to install and use their OQEE application with complete peace of mind. Free’s online helpdesk has a dedicated OQEE service.

It breaks down into 7 main sectionsand covers all the questions you may have, whether it’s about your hardware, connection problems, parental control management… A search engine is at your disposal to filter your searches according to these themes. Here is the list:

  1. “Discover the app”
  2. “Find content”
  3. “Video Player Features”
  4. “Recordings”
  5. “Settings”
  6. “Subscriptions and purchases”
  7. “Tips and Troubleshooting”

Television everywhere yes, but with reasonable consumption

In chapter “data savings”, you know the trick? If you find that you are consuming too much data while streaming, then go to the “Video settings” of your OQEE application to lower the resolution level. The result is without appeal!

By agreeing to trim a little on the video quality of your film, you go from a consumption of 8 GB per hour of video in automatic mode, just 1.5 GB in medium quality. With the “minimum quality”: you will not exceed 0.5 GB. A good way also not to cannibalize your 4G or 5G plan after only a few days of viewing!

Oqee combined with the Freebox Pop and the Free 5G plan

We didn’t have to consult for long to solve the equation “enjoy without depriving yourself of all the entertainment offers x many in the family x a reasonable budget. Without hesitation, we choose to couple the Freebox Pop and its Free Series mobile plan at half price at 39.98 euros per month. This allows you a mobile plan in Unlimited 5G for less than 10 eurosand it does not exist anywhere else!

After years behind its competitors Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom in the field of mobile/tablet TV, Free now has a dedicated, well-integrated application, equipped with features capable of attracting Internet users who are no longer satisfied with watch their well-tuned programs in their living room.

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How to access Free TV from all your connected screens?

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