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The security of your WordPress website is priceless when you know the hassle it is to rebuild it

Renowned for its simplicity and user-friendliness, WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world. Indeed, nearly 40% of existing websites are created thanks to it.

Initially intended for bloggers, the CMS now makes it possible to manage showcase sites, dynamic sites, forums and more. However, due to its notoriety, WordPress is often the target of many attacks.

To avoid falling victim to it, the security of your site must be taken seriously. How to secure your WordPress site? Focus!

Why is it necessary to secure your WordPress site?

Whether it’s a simple personal blog, an online store or a showcase site, the security of your site WordPress is vital to your business. Indeed, the CMS is often the subject of various attacks by hackers, due to its great success with users. Thus, an unsecured website is vulnerable, and represents a target of choice for hackers.

Furthermore, if the security of your website is not taken care of, you are exposed to several threats from malicious individuals. Concretely, unsecured and non-updated websites can be attacked by virusof the dishonest codesor the denied service (DDoS). The latter designates a dangerous attack, targeted by a set of systems. These attacks all pose a threat to your business.

How to protect my WordPress website

Indeed, hackers can, through these attacks, retrieve your personal data, steal sensitive information (credit card, identity, etc.), damage your company’s reputation, block access to your website, generate losses, to blackmail, etc. Therefore, the security of your website is essential to protect you from these attacks.

In addition, the security of your WordPress site allows you to protect data that pass through your website. She allows to strengthen the confidence of your Internet users. Moreover, it is a favorable factor for your natural referencing (SEO), because the search engine is also based on the security of sites for better referencing. Another point, be aware that the security of your WordPress ensures the better user experience possible.

List of best practices for securing your WordPress site

Now you know how important the security of your WordPress site is. However, to achieve this, a number of practices are required. These various tips can better secure your WordPress account by limiting attacks or protecting you from web vulnerabilities.

Save the site database regularly

Internet sites generally have a database that allows them to record all of your content. It is important to store this data regularly to protect yourself in case something goes wrong with your WordPress site. Even if you think you have a super secure siteit is recommended use backup at least once a week.

Indeed, it sometimes happens that even large companies that invest heavily in the security of their website are hacked. It is therefore better to save your database weekly so as not to suffer from these attacks. This allows you to limit the risk of hacking, correct any vulnerabilities and restore your site to good condition.

Update more often

To secure your WordPress site, you need to make bets more often. Indeed, when your WordPress site is not updated, it is vulnerable to attacks. This also causes incompatibility issues with certain extensions and themes. Regular updates therefore make it possible to solve several problems.

To begin with, update more often allows you to optimize the security of your WordPress site. It also expands the functionality (adding new plugins and themes) of your site and thereby improves its speed and performance. Also, updates are coming to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities of your website.

Install the best security plugins

The importance of an antivirus for a computer is identical to that of security plug-ins for a WordPress site. As you have understood, plugins not only protect your WordPress site from viruses, but also ensure its overall security. Concretely, they control the traffic on your website and block those who can threaten your security.

Use a very complex password

It may sound trite, but one of the best ways to strengthen WordPress security consists of use a very complex password. In other words, avoid passwords that are too simple, especially those that combine dates and existing words.

Indeed, these passwords are very easy to decrypt by malware. So prefer those that have at least 10 characters made up of numbers, letters, upper and lower case letters, special characters, etc.

Get rid of unnecessary themes and plugins

Keeping unnecessary themes and plugins is a gateway for hackers. These inactive plugins and themes often cause security issues on your WordPress site. You should therefore remove them all to reduce the risk of your website being hacked.

Choose a good web host

When we talk about the security of a WordPress site, it goes beyond a platform. Flaws do not always come from the WordPress site. Indeed, there is security at the web server level that your WordPress host is responsible for.

Therefore, you must opt ​​for a reliable and quality host. The latter must be able to offer you solid guarantees in terms of security. Make sure your host has firewall and antivirus. If it’s your own VPS, you need to have the technical knowledge to take control of your security.

Securing your computers

Hackers can also use your computers to breach the security of your WordPress site. Concretely, they are able to access your WordPress site from your computer. To avoid these inconveniences, start already by install an effective antivirus on your computer. Remember to configure your firewall and if necessary, use a VPN before connecting to a public network.

Change your WordPress credentials

When connecting to your WordPress administration, the identifier proposed by default is admin. For your safety, it is recommended not to use it for too long. For good reason, hackers often use this identifier to hack websites. So go to your WordPress account settings and change it.

WordPress security plugins

WordPress security plugins
WordPress security plugins

To keep your WordPress site secure, security plugins are your best ally. They have interesting features for monitor changes to your site, scan for malware, and reduce login attempts. There are several on the market. We find, among the best known, WordFence Security, iThemes Security, Sucuri Security, All In One WP Security & Firewall, etc.

For Choose the best plugins, consider cost and features. Indeed, the majority of free plugins have a premium version that allows you to take advantage of advanced features. These features can be very useful. You must scrutinize them and take them into account to choose the best plugins.

The Most Common WordPress Attacks

WordPress is the subject of various and numerous attacks. The most common are usually the directory traversal attacksthem sql injectionsthem malicious file downloadsthe Cross Site Scripting (XSS), the authentication bypass vulnerabilities and DDoS attacks. To avoid these dangerous attacks, implement the solutions listed in this post.

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