How do I cancel my mobile plan?

You want to change operator because you found cheaper elsewhere? Do you want to end your telephone subscription because you are moving abroad and you don’t know how to cancel your mobile plan? Don’t worry, canceling a mobile plan can be done quite simply depending on the type of your commitment. A subscription without commitment can be canceled easily, quickly and free of charge, whereas for a subscription with a commitment of duration, the cancellation requires the payment of certain costs.

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To find out how to cancel your mobile plan, follow our guide. Here you will find all the steps to take.

Canceling a mobile plan with or without commitment: How does it work?

First, keep in mind that you can cancel your mobile subscription whenever you want. In reality, the termination of your mobile plan depends mainly on the type of your contract. If your subscription is with a commitment of duration, the termination process is not carried out in the same way as if your mobile plan is without commitment.

What is the process for canceling your mobile plan with a commitment?

If your mobile plan is with commitment, you can cancel it at any time. However, unlike a non-binding subscription, you must be aware of the end date of your contract. This way, you can calculate the termination fees that you may have to pay. Then write a termination letter that mentions your identity, or that of the contract holder, as well as your line number. Finally, send the termination letter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your operator.

If your mobile plan is with a 24-month commitment, you can pay less in the event of early cancellation of the contract, benefiting from the advantages of the Chatel law. If the cancellation takes place after the 12th month of subscription, in this case, you will have to pay only 25% of the amount remaining due.

How to cancel your mobile plan without obligation?

If your mobile plan is non-binding, you have complete freedom to cancel your subscription without paying any fees, at any time. You can simply opt to cancel your mobile plan without obligation from your online customer area, if possible. Or send a termination letter to your operator by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. The latter has a maximum period of 10 days to satisfy your request.

It is therefore not necessary to go through the administrative procedures if you decide to keep your number. Your new operator will take care of this for you, without any additional costs to pay.

How to cancel your mobile plan with portability?

Portability is certainly the easiest and most common way to cancel your mobile plan. It is indeed possible for you to change operator by subscribing to a new offer. Indeed, when subscribing, you can choose to keep your phone number, and thus carry out portability. In this case, your new operator will take care of terminating your old subscription for you, at the same time as porting your number. This will save you from the management of the termination of the previous contract.

To benefit from the portability of your number, you must obtain your line’s RIO number (Operator Identity Statement). It is a unique alphanumeric identifier of 12 characters, which identifies your telephone line. This code is essential to be able to carry out portability, change operator and thus be able to cancel your mobile plan. To get your hands on it, you can call 3179 free of charge and ask for your RIO code, it will be announced to you via a synthetic voice, or you will also receive it by SMS.

You must then compare the current mobile plans and subscribe to the offer that suits you the most. Thus, you can simply communicate your RIO code to your new operator, when subscribing, in order to benefit from the portability of your telephone number, in addition to the termination of your old mobile plan. This procedure is simple, free and very effective if you have taken out a non-binding subscription.

How not to pay the cancellation fees for the mobile plan?

When you wish to terminate your mobile plan with a commitment of duration while the subscription is still in progress, there are legitimate reasons, defined by law, and which appear in the general conditions of sale of your operator. These reasons allow you to avoid paying termination fees for your mobile plan. All you have to do is send your operator an explanatory letter accompanied by the supporting documents. Thus, the termination will take effect within 10 regulatory days without any costs.

These specific cases are: loss of employment, over-indebtedness, moving abroad or to an area not covered by the operator, illness or disability making it impossible to use the service, modification of the contract, imprisonment or death. One of the good reasons for terminating your mobile plan, without being obliged to pay termination fees, is the increase in the price of the mobile plan or the removal of the service by the operator.

How to calculate the cancellation fees for your mobile plan?

The mobile plan cancellation fees vary according to the number of monthly payments remaining due.

If your plan is with a 12-month commitment, the cancellation fees remain the same as the amount of the monthly payments that you still owe to your operator. For example, if your plan is 20 euros per month, and you have six months of commitment to honor with your operator, then the amount of the cancellation fees that you must pay is 120 euros.

If your package is with a 24-month commitment and you have less than 12 monthly payments left to pay to your operator, thanks to the Châtel law, you will only have to pay 25% of the amount remaining due. For example, if your mobile plan is 20 euros per month and you have 10 months of commitment left to pay. Just multiply 20 euros by 10 months, or 200 euros, then divide everything by 4. Then you will only have to pay 50 euros instead of 200.

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How do I cancel my mobile plan?

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