House of the Dragon: revenge announced in season 2

While the first season of the Game of Thrones spin-off has just ended, one of the main actors of the series has made some revelations about the future of the latter. Steve Toussaint, interpreter of Corlys Velaryon in House of the Dragon has indeed teased how his character would evolve in season 2.

Steve Toussaint, who plays Corlys Velaryon in the prequel series to Game Of Thrones, recently confided in what the future holds for his character. According to his statements, the rich and powerful lord of the Velaryon house of Lamarck would be about to embark on a terrible quest for revenge in season 2 of House of the Dragon.

Corlys Velaryon: revenge in the skin

It’s in the columns ofExtra that the British actor confided, announcing to fans of the series inspired by the work of George RR Martin that it was to be expected that his character Corlys Velaryon, nicknamed the Sea Serpent, decided to settle his accounts in the next season of House of the Dragon. According to Steve Toussaint, it is precisely the death of his grandson Lucerys that the lord of House Velaryon would seek to avenge. Although everyone knows that Lucerys was not really Laynor’s son, and that there was not, strictly speaking, a blood relation between the boy and Corlys, the latter still considered himself to be. his grandfather. Therefore, when the boy was slain by Aemond Targaryen’s dragon, the Lord of the Tides would have considered it murder and an unforgivable affront:

The thing is, my grandson was killed, even though we know he’s not my grandson… but he’s my grandson. So I think that’s where we’re at: somebody’s gonna have to pay for this..”

And this thirst for justice would at the same time lead her to join the camp of Rhaenyra Targaryen, publicly designated by her father, King Viserys Targaryen, who as his heir to the throne:

“I think it’s implied at the end of the last season that my character has decided that whatever he may think of Rhaenyra as a person, she’s the rightful heir to the throne. When the Hightowers grabbed the land, it was a betrayal. You have to make them pay for it.”

Unexpected support for Rhaenyra, and an alliance that would put more pressure on the side of those who support Alicent Hightower and consider her a rightful queen.

House of the Dragon season 2 news

During this same interview, Steve Toussaint talked about what season 2 was going to have in store for us, announcing that he was assured that it was going to happen. “many good things”, though he admits he hasn’t read any scripts yet. The actor assures him nevertheless, there will be a “total war”. Words that join those of the showrunner of House of the Dragon, Ryan Condal, who said the next season would be more dramatic and follow a similar pace to the middle of Game of Thrones, suggesting that future episodes are to be expected to be particularly choppy. The release date of season 2 of House of the Dragon has not yet been revealed, but it is unlikely that it will arrive before the end of 2023.

Sources: Extra,, New York Times

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House of the Dragon: revenge announced in season 2

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