Here’s why you have to deactivate your phone’s internet from time to time, you’ll be surprised you haven’t done it before

Nowadays, a smartphone is an integral part of our daily lives. Ordering a taxi, chatting with friends, working, are all activities that we can do with the smartphone. Only, in some cases, it has to be disconnected from the Internet for several reasons.

If keeping your phone on allows you to always be reachable, there are certain situations where you will have to disconnect it from the Internet. This will allow you to take advantage of certain advantages exclusive to leaving a network.

What are the situations where it is necessary to deactivate internet on the phone?

If many want to be reachable at all times, sometimes you have to know how to pick up and sometimes for urgent reasons. At this time, turning off the Internet is required. Whether it is cellular data network or Wifi, it will be necessary to switch to airplane mode or disable the signal that allows you to browse the web.

– You must deactivate the internet on your phone when the battery is low

If your phone hits a 20% or 10% power threshold, we tend to think that not using it saves battery power. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth since the phone continues to send you notifications, use data and even do battery updates. These activities are energy-intensive and could cause the phone to turn off. If you want to keep your connection, it is rather recommended to use Wifi rather than 4G or 5G because the former consumes less energy. To gain autonomy, it is also important to ensure that updates are triggered when you connect to the Internet. To do this, go to Google Play or Appstore if you have an iPhone. Another factor plays into your phone’s overconsumption of energy: location. Some of your apps have a GPS option that eats up valuable gigabytes.

low battery

Low battery – Source: spm

– An almost exhausted Internet subscription has a strong impact on the battery

If your Internet subscription is likely to be exhausted soon, this affects the autonomy of your phone. And for good reason, even when you are not using it, it can take advantage of internet traffic and exploit energy units. It is recommended to switch to airplane mode and leave your 4G or 5G network. To know the amount of data consumed by your mobile device, you will have to go to the “Mobile data” section. To reconnect to the Internet again, you can add an Internet recharge to your bill or take advantage of a Wifi network. The first solution will be useful to you if there is apps you use every day.

– Adjust your phone settings to gain autonomy

One thing is certain: you can use the internet without realizing it. It is for this reason that you must deactivate the Internet but add another gesture to your routine: the one to switch to dark mode. You can also lower the brightness of the phone by activating the power saving mode.

browse the internet on the phone

Surfing the Internet with your phone – Source: spm

One thing is certain: By adopting certain habits, you will be able to enjoy a longer battery life. Simple gestures allow you to use your phone longer.

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Here’s why you have to deactivate your phone’s internet from time to time, you’ll be surprised you haven’t done it before

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