Here are all our tips to pay less for your purchases on the Internet!

Exit the shops! More and more French people make their purchases directly on the Net. We therefore reveal some tips to apply to succeed in paying less.

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching and you still have a plethora of gifts to order to please your loved ones ? We have listed all the things you can do to try toto save money while robbing your favorite online stores. One, two, three… Shop!

1. Surfing on sites offering many promotional codes

Do you want to earn easy money? Here is one of the simplest tricks to perform: set out to conquer all kinds of promo codes in order to save on the bill at the end of the shopping session. On various online sites like, you have the opportunity to find all the discounts available right now on the Web. Beyond amazing promotions, you can also get free shipping or freebies on top of your order.

2. Follow dozens of influencers to take advantage of incredible tips

What if spending hours scrolling through your social media feeds was ultimately a good thing? Indeed, over their stories and their publications, which are often published exclusively on Instagram, content creators share many promotional codes to be used over a specific period of time. In particular, during special commercial events such as the Valentine’s Day and Black Friday. -10%, -20%… These reductions are regularly added to the offers already in progress on various Internet sites. And this regardless of the product category you choose.

3. Buy at special events

Throughout the year, French and international brands sell off the prices of their collections. -20%, -30%, -40%, -50%, -70%, -80%… Whether during winter sales or summer, during Black Friday or whatever the time of year with super discounted shelves, opportunities to save money are everywhere. Stay patient, save and draw your credit card at the right time.

4. Take advantage of private sales

Whether on a specialized site or during one-off events organized at different times of the year, a large number of brands offer private sales. The goal ? Sell ​​as much stock as possible in record time while allowing you to make maximum savings. Clothing, accessories, appliances, beauty products… Everything you want is at a very reduced price.

5. Group your purchases with members of your entourage

You hesitate to validate your basket because of exorbitant shipping costs? What if before ordering the products you are missing, you did a little overview with those around you? Maybe some of your family members or friends are also interested in shopping online. In order to save money, the ideal is therefore to group your orders in order to limit and pay too much for the shipping costs.

6. Compare before you crack

Like Ali Baba’s cave, the Internet is full of good deals. So much so that it is often difficult to find THE site on which the product you are looking for sells at the best price. So ask yourself a few moments before drawing your credit card. And compare the different competitors selling the reference in question. The first thing to consider? The price of course. But we must not, however, forget the interface and the confidence that it is possible to grant to the chosen e-commerce site. And for good reason… Behind an (too) attractive price sometimes hides many scams.

7. Find good deals on second-hand sites

VintedFacebook Marketplace, Darty Occasion, Amazon Warehouse or even The good cornerMany people succumb to the good deals published on second-hand sites. So why not let yourself be tempted by the thousands of bargains that are also springing up on the Net. In addition to saving money, you also contribute to the well-being of the planet. Shopping on the Internet is therefore akin to a nice gesture after all!

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Here are all our tips to pay less for your purchases on the Internet!

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