Health – Your Vitale card soon on your mobile: the Puy-de-Dôme pilot department

Who has never frantically turned over their wallet, their pockets or their purse to find this rectangle of apple green plastic which validates our existence in the eyes of all French health actors?

Without it, it is, at best, the price of consultations and medicines to be fully advanced, the return to the cumbersome procedures of the care sheet to be completed, signed and returned. At worst, a complicated access to health… And having a photo of it is not enough since you have to be able to read your electronic chip!

If we happen to leave without thinking about our Vitale card, we rarely forget our phone

Arnaud Tissot, deputy director of the CPAM of Puy-de-Dôme, explains that the Vitale card is one of the personal documents to which the French are most attached.

Duplicate, not replace

Health Insurance has therefore created a virtual card which will be available via applications to download from the first quarter of 2023. First for Android, then in an IOS compatible version.

Arnaud Tissot explains that the adoption of the application is in no way synonymous with the disappearance of the classic card object. It will simply be a digital double.

It will be a digital twin, but not a replacement for the remaining item card.

For security reasons, this virtual card can only be used by the insured on a single mobile device whose settings have been registered by the Health Insurance. It will work somewhat on the model of bank account applications that allow you to pay with your mobile phone.

Time and pedagogy on deployment

The deputy director of the CPAM is lucid about an adoption which will not be immediate for everyone. “It will take a lot of time and education. But we know that there is a part of the insured that it will not put off. And there will be other benefits. For example, updating the map each time the application is opened. No more need to pass on a terminal. »

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Perplexity of still uninitiated caregivers

2023 is a month away. So many doctors and caregivers have already heard of it. And they worry about not being more informed. “I really wonder what I’m going to be able to answer to a patient who shows me his Vitale card on his screen: I don’t even know what I’m going to be able to read it with! », Annoys a specialist from Clermont-Ferrand.

Normal, answers the CPAM. The first Vitale cards circulate well in mobile version in Puy-de-Dôme. But there are only about thirty, in partnership with a few volunteer health practitioners. And only on an experimental basis!

Ongoing test phase

Puy-de-Dôme is one of the eight pilot departments chosen by Health Insurance to test the application, correct its bugs and erase its birth defects. The users of the Vitale app prototype are all volunteer employees of the CPAM. Once validated, the mobile card should be accepted everywhere: the 4,085 health professionals in the department are concerned! For the latter, deployment involves updating their professional software and scanner-type equipment.

Funding and implementation

Arnaud Tissot explains that nothing has yet been written about the investment to be made. The reading tool, for example, would cost around 150 euros: “This financing can be discussed” between professional bodies and the national fund, within the framework of the Ségur de la santé.

The Ministry of Health and Health Insurance have just recalled “the major investment” – two billion euros financed by the European Recovery and Resilience Plan – “to catch up with France on the sharing and exchange secure health data. However, the Vitale card on the mobile application and the updating of the software fall well within the objective of Ségur: “to generalize the fluid and secure sharing of health data between health professionals and with the user, to better prevent and treat “.

The end of deployments of approved software among professionals (set by Health Insurance on April 28, 2023) could therefore already take into account the mobile application.

The app already exists for Mon Espace santé

Today, more than 65.4 million people have a Health Space, in which their medical file (ex-DMP for shared medical file) has been automatically entered.

Available since May 2022, the mobile application has gone under the radar of many policyholders, with 550,000 downloads nationally. These figures which are not for the moment the subject of a departmental breakdown. But the Health Insurance provides for a rise in power; all the more satisfying as the “app” tool corresponds to changing lifestyles.

The app is quite intuitive.

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Recognizable by its clearly identifiable icon, with a white “m” on a pink background.

With its deployment report (published on November 2), the National Health Insurance Fund announces improvements and new functionalities of My Health Space for the end of 2022 and 2023: “The possibility of exchanging data with the referenced services”, the medical diary with vaccination schedule and appointments, “as well as finer personalization, particularly adapted to the different ages of users. » Some of these features have already been announced in My health space, in particular the possibility of synchronizing your Ameli account or the FreeStyle LibreLink mobile app that allows people with diabetes to view their glucose data…

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Health – Your Vitale card soon on your mobile: the Puy-de-Dôme pilot department

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