He transforms his old van into a mobile apartment and the result is breathtaking!

It is no longer so rare to read stories involving people retyping a van or a bus to fit out their house there. This is for example the case of this young filmmaker, a certain Zach Butler, who decided to remodel his van into a mobile home. And obviously, the result is really impressive. In any case, it is completely understandable that the young man would want to live there, looking at the few photos of his refurbished van.

It all started with a difficulty encountered in his work. As a filmmaker, Zach Butler must frequently travel. The objective: to find suitable landscapes to take his shots and films. However, it is difficult to lead such a life with a simple car. He must indeed sometimes sleep on the way, in places that are not necessarily inhabited. So he decided to get a little more comfortable means of transportation.

This young filmmaker converts his van into a mobile apartment to live in

A first idea, obvious, crosses the mind of Zach Butler: buy a motorhome. If he wishes to go on an adventure for a few days, then as much as he travels as comfortably as possible. And what could be more comfortable than a motorhome? Except that his budget is way too tight. A motorhome is too expensive for him. He then finds himself faced with the original problem.

That’s when he came up with a brilliant idea! If he can’t afford a motorhome, maybe he can build one himself. This idea is all the more interesting as it happens to be owner of an old van. So he thinks he can redevelop and restore it so that he can turn it into a kind of motorhome or mobile apartment.

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Nevertheless, the condition of the vehicle leaves something to be desired. Left aside for years in the back of a garage, it is no longer in good working order. Zach Butler therefore received help from his father, an electrician, to repair and restore this model. Then he equipped it for make it a real home on wheels. In particular, he laid a laminate floor, as well as furniture, a kitchen, a bed, a bathroom and storage. And the result is really interesting: Zach Butler can now use this van like a living space!

This kind of project is not the first, nor necessarily the most impressive. In the same vein, an American chain, @TinyHouseGiantJourneyis well known for its restorations of old buses, which its participants sometimes transform into a house on wheels. Recently, one of them has converted an American school bus into an apartment.

Zach Butler’s project thus remains quite wise and classic. Other projects, on the other hand, are completely wacky. For example, another American tackled the development of a military vehicle, to also transform it into an apartment! Or another youtuber, @mobiledwellingsturned an old bus into a shelter in case of an apocalypse!

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He transforms his old van into a mobile apartment and the result is breathtaking!

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