He collects 12,000 euros on the Internet to get his mortgage

Times are tough for those who want to get a home loan. Especially if you have a modest profile. It often takes imagination or audacity, or both, to get an agreement from your bank. This is the case of Jean-Paul who lives in Gironde (33). This 60-year-old bachelor plans to buy the house he has been renting for more than 4 years. On sale for 3 years, its owner has set the price of this residence of around 300 m² at 70,000 euros. Jean-Paul requests a bank loan but is refused. “It is already complicated in general to borrow given the rate of wear (maximum rate beyond which a bank cannot lend, editor’s note), but with my situation, it’s even worse“, explains Jean-Paul. This tenant is indeed 80% incapacitated, unemployed and receives 1200 euros per month thanks to the disabled adult allowance.

Rather than abandoning his plan to become an owner, Jean-Paul launched an online kitty to acquire this house located in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards. His goal? Collect 15,000 euros which would allow him to have a contribution of more than 20%. To date, he has already collected more than 12,000 euros paid by more than 300 generous donors. “This sum gives additional credibility to the banks that I still hope to convince so that the project succeeds“, he explains. Since the mobilization of Internet users, Jean-Paul obtained a telephone meeting last week with a bank which seems ready to grant him a real estate loan. “I have submitted all the requested documents and await information on the loan conditionsconfides Jean-Paul to the Figaro. I am also counting on the increase in the wear rate on January 1, 2023 (currently set at 3.05% excluding insurance and fees).

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Hoping that the outcome will be favorable, Jean-Paul, who does not wish to pass for a “profiteer”, intends to reward the support of Internet users with a nice gesture in turn. “I’ll make sure it’s an open place and not just a soulless dormsays the tenant. The residential areas will be adapted to accommodate people with reduced mobility“. Ideas flourish in the head of the Girondin because his residence is made up of several buildings including one of 44 m² which he plans to transform into a guest apartment that can accommodate 4 people. A therapeutic apartment and artists’ residences are also part of its projects. Heavy work that the future (?) owner would have the financial means to carry out? “I do the essentials myself despite my disability which does not necessarily lead to a mobility problemreplies Jean-Paul. For the rest, I’ll see how it goes. I also plan to save on rental income and do it at my own pace, also using any home improvement aids available. I know it seems unrealistic for some but everything will be up to standard and with the best insulation possible..”

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He collects 12,000 euros on the Internet to get his mortgage

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