H-energy mobile pelletizer: the invention of the first mobile wood pellet manufacturing unit

This year 2022 will remain marked by various events and in particular by that of “the hunt for pellets”, this resource presented on its arrival on the market as the cheapest fuel, and the most ecological… If this last point, the pellet retains its title, economically, it’s another story… The price of wood pellets continues to rise. Make your own pellet or using a mobile manufacturing station could therefore prove to be profitable if the prices remain so high. In 2015, three Alsatian artisans, Charles Herrmann, Xavier Rémond and Philippe Durrhammer, all three best workers in France, invented a mobile pellet manufacturing plant, the “H-energy mobile granulator”. And, it could well see its sales increase in the years to come. Discovery!

What is the H-energy mobile granulator?

The invention of the three Alsatian craftsmen had been awarded by the highest distinction of the 2015 Lépine Competition: that of the President of the Republic, François Hollande, that year! This mobile unit allows recycle a lot of agricultural waste, in order to transform them into pellets, which can be used as fuel, but also as food for animals, litter, etc. Everything will depend on the material crushed at the entrance of the machine in reality. The mobile unit, as its name suggests, therefore travels on a truck directly to the farms that produce agricultural residues, to transform them inexpensive fuel!

Once the material is crushed, it is put directly into a press to take the shape of the granule. Photo credit: H-energy (Facebook screenshot)

What agricultural waste can it transform?

The idea of ​​this invention was inspired by their ancestors who used vine shoots to heat their homes… After three years of research, they managed to invent a machine that can transform a lot of agricultural or wine-growing waste such as corn, wheat or rapeseed straw, clearing wood, vine shoots, sawmill waste or biogas residues, or wastewater treatment plant… The fruit pitsbrewery residues and other by-products from the food industry can also become pellets.

Technically, the granulator swallows plant waste, grinds it, then repackages it into aggregate that can be used in small boiler rooms equipped with biomass boilers. And, it is able to produce one ton of pellets per hour approximately, or two hours to produce the energy equivalent of 1,000 liters of fuel oil. The interest being, of course, to be able produce pellets directly on the farm which produces agricultural waste, thus avoiding the transport of residues to factories, and at the same time, reducing the carbon impact linked to the production of pellets.

A semi-trailer with a total length of 16.50 m by 2.50 m wide
A semi-trailer with a total length of 16.50 m by 2.50 m wide. Photo credit: H-energy (Facebook screenshot)

Some technical characteristics…

The mobile granulation unit is defined as a “round and rectangular bale shredder with hydraulic loading table”. It has a 2 m² material reception unit and two 22 kW industrial grinders. In order to manufacture the pellet, it is equipped with a buffer container for the dosage of additives necessary for the pellet production and an auger material discharge mixer/conveyor. The innovative character of this machine lies in the fact of being able to use wet material (35% maximum) to transform it into pellets, without drying, a step that requires a lot of energy. The pellets from this machine can be used for litter, fertilizer, fuel (after drying) or animal feed. More information ? Visit the site H-energyor on the page Facebook of the company.



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H-energy mobile pelletizer: the invention of the first mobile wood pellet manufacturing unit

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