Grandma geeks take over the internet

Published on : 04-03-2022



These seniors have reinvented themselves in retirement thanks to the Internet. Their daily life: having fun, transmitting, making people laugh and sharing their passions with their millions of followers. Grandmothers connected, in the world and in a good mood.

1. TikTok star grandmas

Screenshot TikTok / (@mamie_et_math)

TikTok is called “the favorite social network of young people”. No matter: from the height of their 70-85 years, they launched into it and are now followed by millions of people. Erikarischko82, gives fitness classes there (sometimes alongside her husband) while Grandma x Antoine pass on his tips to wash windows, make pancakes, get rid of odors.

Their videos are real shots of good humor! A second life as a star on TikTok in retirement, who would have believed it?

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2. The “silver influencers” on Instagram

baddiewinkle, a geeky granny on Instagram
Instagram/ @baddiewinkle

Meet Helen, aka Baddiewinkle, 93 and 3.3 million Instagram followers (including Rihanna). It was at 85 that she began her career as an influencer! She quickly caused a sensation with her humor, her eccentric style, but also for her fight: defend a positive image of seniors (and their bodies). His goal ? Show young and old that you can be old, have fun, and stay young in your head.

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3. The Gamer Grannies

Gamer Grandma, a gamer grandma on youtube
Youtube Screenshot (Gamer Grandma)

Who said that Minecraft, GTA and Ghost of Tsushima were games reserved for young people? Certainly not Hamako Mori, 90, alias Gamer Grandma. On her YouTube channel, she films herself destroying her enemies, jumping over ravines or building empires. “Playing video games rejuvenates the mind, I see life in pink !” she explained to the Guinness Book of Records which elected her the oldest “YouTube Gamer” in the world.

And she’s right: video games stimulate memory seniors, limit the loss of cognitive abilities and reduce the risk of dementia, after a study.

The Silver Geek Associationwhich runs playful workshops in facilities for the elderly, even organizes amateur eSport competitions ! Very popular, the finals of the “Senior Silver Geeks Trophies” take place during major Esport events such as Paris Games Week.

> Discover their webseries “MiJo at the helm”, with the gamer ambassador of Silver Geek:

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Grandma geeks take over the internet

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