Google launches new functions on Android to celebrate Christmas

Google has just announced the imminent arrival of several new features on Android, including a new reading mode, widgets for YouTube, and the ability to cast content from the Google TV app to a compatible television.

As the end of year celebrations are fast approaching, Google wanted to make its contribution at the foot of the tree a little in advance. The Mountain View company has just announced the imminent deployment of several new features for Android smartphones.

For starters, Google is introducing new colorful themes to the Google Photos Collage feature. These new collages, designed by Australian artist duo DABSMYLA and watercolourist Yao Cheng, will allow you to use your family photos captured during the holidays to create artistic and colorful collages.


A new Reading Mode to download

But perhaps the most interesting is the new Reading Mode. This new accessibility mode, originally designed for people with dyslexia, visually impaired or blind people, brings screen reading and allows to rearrange the content displayed on the screen in a more readable layout. This new Reading Mode allows you to listen to the text displayed on the screen with Google’s voice synthesis, and offers several options to adjust the background color, text color and size, font type, etc. Be careful however, the function will not arrive through any update. To take advantage of this, you must first download it from the Google Play Store. Once installed on your device, it seamlessly integrates into Android’s Quick Settings so you can access it from any app or web page.

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Widgets for YouTube and Cast compatibility for the Google TV app

While Google has them already deployed on the iPhone with its iOS application, widgets for YouTube will finally land on Android. Two in number, they will allow you to add a search module and quick access to your library on the streaming video platform directly on your smartphone’s home screen.

1670039976 676 Google launches new functions on Android to celebrate Christmas

In addition, the Google TV application, which allows you to explore the content viewable on the various streaming platforms you use, will allow you, from next week, to “cast” content directly to a compatible television. You can then use the application as a remote control to control the content broadcast on your TV.

1670039976 139 Google launches new functions on Android to celebrate Christmas

Another novelty concerns users using their smartphone as a digital key to unlock or start their vehicle. Google will allow you to share this key with other users who own a Pixel Phone or an iPhone. You will also be able to view and modify the access permissions to your car directly from the app. Wallet.

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Google launches new functions on Android to celebrate Christmas

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