Good plan: the Orange Fiber Livebox at €22.99 per month… with 6 months of free subscription to the Paramount+ SVOD platform!

Are you keenly looking for a Internet subscription which combines quality of service and affordable price ? At the end of 2022, you can count on the offer Orange Fiber Livebox for your satisfaction. Displayed at only €22.99 monthly in the first year, this box at reduced pricefor one year includes unlimited telephonya large TV package … and exceptionally 6 months free subscriptionto the new VOD platform Paramount+. Want to know more about this promotional formula ? If so, read this article carefully!

The Orange Fiber Livebox at €22.99 per month: take advantage of the Internet at a bargain price for a year!

Until 1er February 2023 the offer Orange Fiber Livebox is marketed at €22.99per month for a year. If you subscribe to this offer, you will be engaged for this entire 365-day period. From the second year, the normal monthly rate of €41.99 will apply if you decide to remain a customer. You will therefore have understood: by choosing this box formula, you will benefit from a deflated pricesfor 12 months for a total savings of €228.

In terms of services, you can browse the Internet at full speed with a Stable Wi-Fi 5 via Orange network. Including equipment Livebox 5 your subscription will effectively allow you to surf the web at a speed of up to 500 Mb/s download and upload . In addition, be aware that if you are a box customer with a competitor, Orangewill take care of your cancellation procedures and reimburse you up to 150 € fees charged by your previous operator.

For the installation of your Livebox Fiber , you will arrange an appointment with an Orange technician. This one will then come to carry out free the connection optical fiber at your home. Once the job is done, you just have to plug in the hardware. It will then start automatically for you to enjoy your online activities.

To note : if you are not lucky enough to have fiber optic access, the Orange Livebox offer is also available in an ADSL/VDSL2 version

The Livebox Fiber also means unlimited calls, a wide range of TV channels… and Paramount+ free for 6 months!

The offer Livebox Fiberincludes the calls at will to the landlines of Metropolitan France of the DOM and of 110 destinationsworldwide. On request, it also allows call unlimited to the landlines of Tunisiaas well as 10 hours per monthto the landlines ofAlgeria.

Alongside that, the package includes access to the Orange TV . You will thus have the possibility of benefiting from a large bouquet of 140 channels. If you request it, a 4K Ultra HD decoderwill also be made available to you. You will then have to pay €40 for activation costs.

Do you want more ? As Christmas approaches, Orange to decide to make you a nice gift. Exceptionally, the operator offers you an exclusive 6-month access to the new Paramount+ VOD service (request to be made). Original series, movies, shows, etc. : a maximum of programs will entertain you on this platform!

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Good plan: the Orange Fiber Livebox at €22.99 per month… with 6 months of free subscription to the Paramount+ SVOD platform!

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