Good plan mobile plan: 80 GB at only €9.99 on the Orange network and not just for the first year

If you are looking for a complete, inexpensive and easy-to-use mobile offer, Lebara’s 80 GB plan will interest you. On sale until June 07, 2022, this prepaid, non-binding package is offered at a price of €9.99/30 days, even after the first year.

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An 80 GB package for less than €10 is quite common these days with the crazy offers that operators and MVNOs draw every week. However, it is rare that this rate remains the same after the first year. Most of the time, it is revised upwards.

For its new promo valid until June 07, Lebara therefore decides to play the promotional price card for life. Its 80 GB plan has no time limit. It costs €9.99/30 days, and not just for a year.

In addition to this economic aspect, this prepaid package is also characterized by its simplicity and flexibility. Like all Lebara mobile plans, it is easy to use, requires no contract or RIB and allows you to avoid out-of-plan.

Lebara prepaid plan: the guarantee of true freedom!

A no-commitment plan gives you the freedom to cancel your mobile offer at any time. However, it does not completely exempt you from the constraints associated with a classic mobile plan. You will need to sign a contract and submit to a monthly direct debit. If you go over your plan, you will also pay an additional cost, even if the overage is not desired.

Lebara’s prepaid plan gives you greater freedom. Without commitment, it can be terminated whenever you want. It is also simple, flexible and full of other advantages:

  • The MVNO will not make you sign a contract or ask for your RIB. You order your SIM card online and can buy Lebara products via PayPal or with your credit card or prepaid bank card.
  • The Lebara SIM card is offered to you and its delivery is free. 48 hours after your order, it will be delivered to you. No need to wait, you can insert it right away into your phone and use it. The operator offers you a gift of 2 GB of data for your first month.
  • The off-package is impossible. With the Lebara prepaid plan, you consume what you have already paid for. Recharging can be done with unit credit available in the 10,000 Lebara points of sale or via automatic renewal every 30 days. The renewal takes place only if your credit is sufficient.
  • As you wish, your mobile plan can be paused or terminated at any time. It is not necessary to contact the service for this. Simply go to your online customer area or the Lebara application.

Another interesting detail with Lebara’s mobile offer, it allows you to earn money through a referral program. Talk to those around you and earn up to €50 in rewards for each person you convince to join the MVNO.

Take advantage of an 80 GB package at €9.99 on the Orange mobile network

Until June 07, 2022, Lebara is launching a promotion that allows you to subscribe to a mobile plan with 80 GB of internet in 4G for €9.99/30 days. This offer is ideal for those who spend a lot of time on their phone. The data envelope is more than enough to surf the web at will, enjoy video streaming, share content on social networks, etc.

The offer also includes unlimited calls and texts in France. You can call for a maximum of 2 hours and up to 99 different recipients.

Finally, it should be noted that this Lebara plan is available on the Orange network. The opportunity to test the best network in France which currently covers 99% of the territory and allows an average speed of 110 Mbit / s in 4G according to Arcep data.

130 GB package at €12.99: the other good plan not to be missed at Lebara!

To no longer be dependent on the WiFi network, Lebara also offers you this 130 GB package for €12.99/30 days for life. It will be perfect for large data consumers whose internet volume of 80 GB cannot meet their needs. Valid until June 07, 2022, this promo is to be grabbed quickly.

What you must remember

  • – Lebara 80 GB mobile plan at €9.99/30 days;
    – Prepaid plan, without commitment and without duration condition;
    – Orange mobile network;
    – Offer valid until June 07, 2022.

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Good plan mobile plan: 80 GB at only €9.99 on the Orange network and not just for the first year

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