GOAL MMI – multimedia and internet professions

The BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions) trains professionals in the design and production of communication products and services using digital technologies. L’Étudiant gives you all the information to know the qualities expected to integrate the training, the program, the professions and the possible pursuits of studies, which will help you to project yourself better.

Presentation of BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions)

Of bac+3 levelthe GOAL offers less theoretical training than the former DUT and more professionalizing with the aim of rapid integration into the labor market, while allowing continuing Studies for those who want it.

The holder of the GOAL specialty MMI is able to create multimedia communication products (adjustment of aesthetic and ergonomic characteristics, development and programming of interactive applications, audiovisual productions, implementation of a communication or marketing plan, management of databases or computer networks …). The multimedia and internet professions being in constant evolution, it is necessary to have a good capacity of adaptation to evolve with the new tools, new supports and new data-processing networks.

The student may, depending on his professional and personal project, choose one of the three courses offered by the specialty multimedia and internet professions.

What are the courses of the BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions)?

The three courses of MMI GOAL are accessible from the second year. Please note, all journey are not provided by each IUT. Remember to check carefully.

1– GOAL MMI digital communication strategy and experience design course

This journey focuses skills on the design of communication media and the consideration of human aspects.

2– GOAL MMI digital creation course

This journey aims to train in the creation of multimedia communication media, particularly the web, with a focus on user experience and creativity methodologies.

3– GOAL MMI course web development and interactive devices

This journey is a specialization in web development.

What is the BUT MMI program (multimedia and internet professions)?

the GOAL MMI specialty (multimedia and internet professions) belongs to industrial sector and the overall hourly volume is 2,000 hours over three years.

In all, five skills are to be acquired in BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions), all routes combined. Only the simulations are adapted according to the course.

Each skill is broken down into expertisethemselves cut into professional situations. We give here the competence and associated know-how and we invite you to refer to repository for more details.

BUT MMI program (multimedia and internet professions): what skills will you develop?

Skills common to all courses:
To understand : understanding ecosystems, user needs and digital communication devices.
Design : design or co-design a relevant strategic response to a complex issue.
To express : expressing a message with digital media to inform and communicate.
To develop : developing for the web and digital media
Undertake : entrepreneurship in the digital sector

Training organization
• The weekly course volume provided in BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions) is of 35 to 40/45 hours.
• Classes are taught by lecturer-researchers and external contributors from the business world.
• When prepared in alternationit is expected that the overall hourly volume of each year will be reduced by 15%.
• In initial trainingwe must also count 22 to 26 weeks of internships (some of which can be done abroad) and hours of PPP (personal and professional project) to mature his professional project.
• The program also includes SAÉ (learning and evaluation situations). examples of SAE : audit of a website and the online presence of a well-known brand or organization; audit of a particularly dysfunctional online site or service; communication of a local authority, an association, creation of a visual identity for a company or an organization…
• Also plan around 2 hours of communication per week (written and oral) and English lessons (also 2 hours per week), both being applied to the sector studied (here the multimedia and Internet sector).

Opportunities: what professions to practice with an MMI GOAL (multimedia and internet professions)?

The graduates of GOAL MMI specialty (multimedia and internet professions) fit into sectors web development and communication: site creation agencies, communication services for businesses or local authorities, e-commerce or audiovisual production agencies, etc.

For example, they do the following jobs: communication Manager, Community Manager, web referencing officerassistant multimedia project manager, UX designer, web designer, front-end developer/back end/fullstack. After two or three years of experience they can, for example, become a multimedia director.

What baccalaureate should be given to integrate a BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions)?

Most high school students admitted to MMI GOAL got a general baccalaureate with scientific specialties. The speciality NSI (digital and computer science) is obviously appreciated. The technological bins are not left out: the series STI2D (sciences and technologies of industry and sustainable development) with specific teaching in SIN (information and digital systems) is appropriate… Registration goes through the platform Parcoursup and the selection is made on file. Once selected, future students may be required to take orals or tests and/or a motivational interview.

What are Parcoursup expected to enter BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions)?

The students must above all have a strong interest in communication, visual creation, multimedia and computing. Being curious, rigorous is also essential, as well as a sense of teamwork.

Studies: what to do after an MMI GOAL (multimedia and internet professions)?

The holder of the BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions) can continue their studies Master mention audiovisual, digital interactive media, games or join a engineering school majoring in multimedia or computer science through parallel admissions.

You should know that the reform has not eliminated the DUTwhich continues to be issued as an intermediate degree from the GOAL after two years and should authorize its holder (negotiations still in progress) to join in direct access a third year of general license.

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GOAL MMI – multimedia and internet professions

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