Gers: the deployment of optical fiber continues in the department

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Work for the deployment of optical fiber in the Gers is continuing. The eligibility rate in the department was 58.6% at the start of the year. It should exceed the 68% mark at the end of 2022, with more than 60,000 Gersois already subscribers.

From Miradoux to Troncens or from Saint-Martin-d’Armagnac to Monbrun, it is not uncommon in recent months to come across fiber installation work while driving on the Gers roads. With 47 projects in progress throughout the department last week, the second phase of deployment of the technology, carried by Gers Fibre, follows a precise schedule which extends until 2025.

Launched at the end of 2021, this second stage in the work wants to connect the last subscribers. A connection that is therefore made as the works progress. Thus, at the beginning of 2022, the eligibility rate for optical fiber in the department was 58.60%. Which placed the Gers in last position in the Occitanie region, according to the ZoneADSL barometer, a website that advises consumers on mobile and landline offers. Haute-Garonne was in first position, with an eligibility rate of 82.90%, followed by Hérault (80.10%) and Tarn-et-Garonne (78.60%).

But with the progress of the work, “just over 83,000 lines out of 122,000 will be eligible by the end of the year, i.e. nearly 68%, assures Romain Gabrielli, director of Gers Numérique. Each week, two new municipalities benefit from the fiber”. The union is aiming for 85% coverage by the end of 2023.

A complex project

Romain Gabrielli recalls that the department had, before 2014, the worst flow in France. “We started from afar when Gers Numérique was created. The department was the first in the South-West to implement a digital development project for its territory and the first inhabitant of Occitanie connected to fiber on a public network. was in 2017 in Samatan”. And if the Gers was one of the first to embark on fiber optic equipment, the typical nature of its territory made deployment more complicated.

“In the Gers, only 15% of the lines were affected by private investment, especially in the cities, explains the director of Gers Numérique. The rest to be done was therefore more important”. And this remaining to be done is more difficult than in other departments, since housing in the Gers is the most dispersed in the country: the linear per outlet is therefore one of the highest in France. In other departments, the coverage rate is also boosted by metropolitan areas, where investments have been made by private operators.

Despite these difficulties, “in the Gers, we are going to get 100%, also connecting the most remote dwellings, assures Romain Gabrielli. We therefore have to balance resources between deployment at an industrial pace and the deployment of the very latest dwellings in the villages which are already largely equipped.” With 60,000 inhabitants already subscribed to fiber, the Gers would display, according to the director of digital Gers, the best commercial penetration of the Occitanie region, with a connection failure rate among the lowest in France.

An Advent calendar

Gers fiber launched an original initiative this week: an Advent calendar. In the form of a contest on Facebook and Instagram, Gersois can win prizes: rugby tickets for Stade Toulousain, game consoles or even up to a year of fiber subscription. To do this, residents must answer questions about the deployment of fiber in the department. But you don’t need to be a specialist, since most of the necessary information is available on the website.

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Gers: the deployment of optical fiber continues in the department

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