Gers: between Duran and Auch, the connection no longer passes for fiber

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Since work to open new fiber lines in Duran, residents have lost all access to the Internet. And their service providers, Free in particular, are absent subscribers.

More Internet. More television. No more phone. Since the beginning of October, residents of Duran and Auch, residents of the ring road, have been deprived of connection, after work on the fiber network was badly passed on by their access providers. And they don’t see the end of it…
Everything starts from a “cabinet” at the entrance to Duran. These now ubiquitous large technical units, the PMZs for Zone Pooling Points, form the nodes of the fiber network. There, arrives a large cable, which allows the connection of local subscribers, from 300 to 1,000 in general.

In Duran, faced with the influx of requests, the cupboard located just at the entrance to the village was saturated. In such a case, it is complicated to carry out a resumption of the mesh of the network. The most common practice is to run a new cable between a light sector and the saturated zone.

No connection

This was done at the beginning of October in Duran, and towards Chemin de Bigaoudère in Auch, now linked to the PMZ at the top of rue Victor-Hugo by the services of Orange, which is the infrastructure operator in Auch. And since then, the breakdown for everyone: Free, Bouygues, SFR… Only those who are Orange subscribers have found the service. Contacted, Orange boots into touch. “Desaturation work on a fiber cabinet, carried out under the responsibility of Orange as infrastructure operator, actually caused network cuts in Duran, admits a local Orange manager. These issues were resolved a fortnight ago. When the situation was restored, all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were informed at the same time. Orange has restored its own customers. If there are still customers who are down, they must report to their internet service provider. »

Bad luck, Frédéric Fortin, he was at Bouygues. “I have not had a connection since October 3, notes the Auscitain. They came 3 times without managing to connect with Victor-Hugo. Suddenly, they gave me a 4G box…” Weary of the struggle, he moved to Free. Same hassle. “The connection exists, but it is not recognized by the network. And no one comes up with a solution. He reports the absence of service at Free on November 11… to have a technician on December 6.

All inclusive… except after-sales service

Raymond, a Duranais, intends to set up a collective. Because dozens of homes are affected. “I started sending registered letters to Free and Orange to get things moving. I have enough ! I want things to move forward. There, I will make declarations to the Urssaf at my brother-in-law’s. On the other hand, Free sends me emails so that I subscribe to them! He sent requests, made tickets, these complaints never came to fruition. “It is up to the access provider to restore access, plague Frédéric Fortin. It is he who is responsible for the synchronization of the lines and he walks us around. Free is not even able to find our addresses! He points to the use of subcontractors “not always inspired”.

Distraught retirees, private liaison professionals, furious individuals, all deplore a situation where they continue to pay a monthly bill in vain for two months. “We come across answering machines in a loop… No one answers. »

“We have no reports”

Contacted, the communication services of Free – the access provider most often cited by local residents having broken down – sought information on Auscita’s malfunctions. Result: none. “Our technical teams have set up three PMZs on rue Victor-Hugo, and these points are working. We only had one disruption a while ago, and it has been resolved. For one of the complainants, the origin would come from a cabling problem, linked to Orange. For another, an appointment is in progress. But no return of tickets, requests for after-sales service. To the point of asking “which subscribers are affected” to find which fiber sockets are affected by the failure, and “to do it as quickly as possible”. No answer on a date of return to service, nor on a possible commercial gesture, but the promise to keep subscribers informed.

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Gers: between Duran and Auch, the connection no longer passes for fiber

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