Fuel card: a new scam is rampant on the internet

Beware of this scam on Facebook, offering you TotalEnergies fuel cards at an unbeatable price…

While the fuel price reached records, motorists are always on the lookout for good deals to try to reduce their car budget. Be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of this new type offuel card scam : some malicious people are currently taking advantage of the opportunity to defraud their prey…

In fact, for the past few days, the social network Facebook has been the target of an abusive sponsored advertising campaign, which claims to come from the large oil group Total (TotalEnergies), and which offers to benefit from fuel has a unbeatable price.

Fuel card scam: Facebook targeted

Accompanied by a visual of a person holding a Total fuel card in front of a service station of the brand, the ad offers “all French people” to obtain a 200-litre fuel card, for a price very attractive from 1,95 €…

To benefit from this exclusive offer, Internet users are invited to “answer a few questions”: by clicking on the fraudulent advertisement, they are then redirected to a fake website in the colors of TotalEnergies, where they will be asked for personal information in order to participate in a contest, where everyone would be a winner.

Fuel card scam: a phishing attempt

This is where the trap closes in on the victim: to validate his participation, he is also asked to give your credit card number in order to pay the famous sum of €1.95. The amount being inexpensive, the victims comply without thinking: the crooks can then reuse this information for fraudulent purposes, and come and use it directly from the victim’s bank account. Of course, the victim will never receive his long-awaited fuel card.

This is called the phishing (or “phishing” in French), a well-known scam on the internet. To avoid falling into the trap, remember thatnever disclose personal or banking information, especially when you are prompted to do so by an unknown site. If you have been the victim of such a practice, immediately oppose it with your bank.

Fuel scam: real good plans exist

In addition, be aware that the “200 liter” Total fuel cards do not exist: indeed, on the official TotalEnergies website, you can get real fuel cards of 25, 50, 100 or 150 €. These prepaid gift cards, called “Jubileo”, will then be billed to you for the same amount!

To pay less for fuel while not getting ripped off, other solutions exist. For example, you can take advantage of promotional operations on the price of fuel in the service stations of large retailers, such as “fuel at cost price” at Leclerc, or even the ” fuel at €0.85 per liter at Casino for example.

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Fuel card: a new scam is rampant on the internet

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