Freebox: the three good Internet BOX plans from €15.99

Internet Free packages start at just €15.99 per month thanks to current promotions. Today we invite you to discover the three best Fiber or ADSL Internet subscriptions from the Free supplier with the Freebox Mini 4K and the Freebox revolution at less than 20€ and the Freebox Pop without commitment at less than 30€. Zoom on these attractive Internet BOX displayed at Free:

The two good Internet BOX plans for less than €20 from the Free supplier

The Free supplier allows you to obtain a Internet BOX less than €20 the first year by opting for the Freebox Mini 4K or the Freebox Revolution. These two internet subscriptions, box rental included, are subject to a 12-month commitment. The Mini 4K, the box Free the cheapest in the catalog is offered to you at the sensational price of €15.99/month for 12 months, then at €34.99/month. The BOX Revolution is on sale at €19.99 per month for the first year, after which you will go back to the usual price of €44.99/month.

As for the services, you will have with the Mini 4K, a Fiber Internet connection up to 1 Gb/s down and 600 Mb/s up subject to technical eligibility. This offer is also available in ADSL 2+ or VDSL2. You can also, from the landline connected to the box, make unlimited calls to landlines in more than 110 destinations (including France) and mobiles in 15 territories. Regarding the TV, you will have access to more than 220 TV channels with a voice remote control to improve the experience.

image CTA-internet-freebox-revolution-01-07-21.jpg

With the Freebox Revolution with TV by Canal, you can surf the Web via the optical fiber (speed up to 1 Gb/s download and 600 Mb/s upload) or ADSL2/VDSL2. The fixed line included offers you unlimited calls to mobiles in France (Metropolis & DOM), but also to landlines in more than 110 destinations. Regarding the TV offer, you will haveand 280 channels via Freebox TV and TV by CANAL as well as the CANAL+ Series (free for one year) and Prime Video (free for 6 months) packages. You will also have a Blu-Ray player integrated into the player, 250 GB of space on the server to record programs, the possibility of controlling live and a gyroscopic remote control. Good to know, the commissioning of your new internet offer will take place within 3 days to 4 weeks. The amount of the commissioning fee is identical to that of the breach of contract fee, namely €49.

Free’s non-binding Internet BOX: the Freebox Pop!

The Free supplier also offers an Internet BOX without commitment at a reduced price for one year. This is the Freebox Pop billed at a price of €29.99/month, then €39.99/month after 12 months. This subscription triple playincludes an Internet connection, unlimited telephony and TV. The connection speed can reach up to 5Gbit/s in downlink speed and 700Mbit/s in uplink speed. In terms of telephony, this box on sale includes calls at will to mobiles in mainland France, overseas departments and certain international destinations, as well as to landlines in more than 110 destinations. The television offer allows you to access more than 220 TV channels and Canal + Series offered for 1 year. Note that the Free Ligue 1 Uber Eats service is included in your subscription.

image cta-package-freebox-pop-29-99-euros.jpg

If you subscribe to this internet offer, the activation time will be 3 to 4 weeks. The activation fee and the termination fee are the same amount and amount to €49.

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Freebox: the three good Internet BOX plans from €15.99

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