Free Mobile termination letter: deadline and sample letter

How to terminate a Free Mobile contract?

In an ultra-competitive sector, and with a way of life that encourages us to change smartphones regularly, it is not uncommon for French people to be looking for information to cancel a mobile subscription. In practice, the terms and conditions for terminating a Free Mobile plan differ according to two scenarios:

  • termination for a change of mobile phone operator, with the desire to keep the same number: this is the case when the customer expresses dissatisfaction with the quality of the services offered and/or is seduced by a better offer made by competition;
  • pure and simple cancellation, without keeping the number: this is the case in special situations such as the death of the line holder, his hospitalization, etc.

In the first case, the procedure to follow to terminate your plan with Free Mobile is the simplest. It is indeed the new operator who is in charge of it. All you have to do is give him the RIO code (by calling 3179 from his Free mobile phone) so that the termination is then done automatically. In the second case, it is necessary to send a termination request by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt (see example below).

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Who do I contact to cancel a Free Mobile contract or package?

Termination of a Free Mobile subscription, contract or package must be sent to the services of the telephone operator responsible for these procedures. In the event of termination without keeping the number, Free asks its customers to dial 3244 (call included from a Free line) to obtain information on the termination, as well as the destination address of the termination letter.

Deadline for terminating your Free Mobile contract

Free does not impose a deadline for terminating a subscription or a mobile plan. On the other hand, it is advisable to refer to the terms of the contract to know the possible costs of termination. If the cancellation of a Free Mobile plan without commitment is most often free (or supported by the new operator in the event of a change with retention of the number), that of a subscription with a commitment still in progress may lead to invoicing additional for the remaining months.

Since June 1, 2008, the law for the development of competition in the service of consumers, known as the Chatel law, has regulated contract exits with mobile telephone operators, and in particular any termination fees. After the first 12 months of his commitment, a customer now has the option of terminating his contract with commitment without having to pay all of the remaining monthly payments. He is then required to pay only 25% of the outstanding amount to reach the end of the contractual commitment.

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Free Mobile Termination Letter Template

Below is a sample Free Mobile termination letter, to be sent with acknowledgment of receipt to the address indicated by Free after calling 3244 (only for termination without keeping the number).

Subject: Termination of my Free Mobile plan


I hereby inform you of my wish to terminate my Free Mobile subscription (specify the type of subscription or package).

In accordance with the general conditions of sale, I therefore ask you to initiate the necessary procedure to terminate the contract that binds us.

I confirm that I am fully aware of the loss of the telephone number associated with this subscription, and confirm that I do not want to take advantage of any promotional offer that could call into question this request for termination.

(Possibly add a short paragraph to indicate the reasons for the termination of the contract: best offer from the competition, evolution of the personal situation which justifies the termination of the mobile telephone line, etc.).

In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 121-84-2 of the Consumer Code, I will ensure that my termination is effective within ten days of receipt of this letter, the acknowledgment of receipt being faith.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best feelings.


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Free Mobile termination letter: deadline and sample letter

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