Free Mobile package: the best deal on the market?

By launching the package free mobile in 2012, the charismatic Xavier Niel gave the industry a big kick. At three, it happened several times that we learned that the operators had agreed on the prices. And the package prices were particularly high. Especially for who wanted a bit of data.

From the outset, Free Mobile offered a simple and disruptive offer. The most generous Free Mobile plan is unlimited in data, voice and SMS – all for €19.99 per month and €15.99 for Freebox subscribers. When the package was announced, the audience of journalists could be felt to be very enthusiastic.

But Xavier Niel had a second trick up his sleeve: a basic Free Mobile plan at €2 per month, which is charged €0 to Free fixed internet subscribers. Never seen. Immediately the subscribers were there. Even if at the beginning Free Mobile was mainly a 3G network leased to Orange, and few 4G antennas.

Because in the following years, the situation of the network quickly improved. So much so that today, in addition to offering excellent 4G/4G+ coverage, Free Mobile has become the leader in 5G with the very rapid deployment of its network.

Free Mobile package: what are the operator’s offers?

Whether it is the Free Mobile package at €2/0, the one at €19.99 per month or the limited series available almost permanently, the operator is pushing the industry to remain competitive with lower rates than in the past. In the years following the launch of the operator, Orange, SFR and Bouygues experienced to varying degrees a veritable hemorrhage of subscribers.

To react, they therefore launched each of the MNVOs or offers directed towards the type of customers attracted by the Free Mobile plan. SFR created RED by SFROrange created sosh and Bouygues Telecom founded the brand B&YOU. Each time we feel like a resonance with the Free Mobile plan: as with Free, all offer offers at similar prices and services without commitment.

But that’s not the only thing the Free plan has transformed in the industry. The MNVOs multiplied, until very original offers appeared. Like for example Prixtel which offers low-cost plans whose price adapts to your data and voice usage. The less you consume, the less you pay and vice versa. And there are no unconsumed units at the end of the month.

On the network side, the Free Mobile plan hooks up 4G/4G+ and the most expensive offer is also 5G compatible. Free Mobile’s coverage is excellent, especially in town. The 5G of the Free package in particular is essentially based on a 700 MHz frequency range which carries further than the 5G of other operators, in addition to better penetrating buildings.

Free Mobile offers many smartphones on its store, but these are not subsidized. There is no commitment at Free Mobile, and all the operator offers is to buy a naked smartphone for your Free plan with the possibility of paying for it in 3 or even 4x free of charge. All this for the sake of clarity – you know exactly how much goes to the Free plan and how much goes to pay for your smartphone.

And if all this does not please you, you are free to change operator since you are never committed to the Free Mobile plan.

What is the price of the Free package and what does it contain?

The Free Mobile plan is clearly part of the top best mobile plan in 2022. To date, Free Mobile segments the Free package into three offers. You already know the first two:

Free package 2 euros

The first offer is the Free package 2 euros – a small package at €2 per month (free for Freebox subscribers) which necessarily contains modest services. It is perfect for a second line for a child or a loved one, or to open a line dedicated to the sale of an apartment, for example. Here is what he offers:

  • 50 MB of 4G/+ data (usable from Europe / DOM)
  • 2h voice
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS

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Free 5G 210 GB plan

The second package is the 5G package the most generous of the operator. It costs €19.99 per month or €15.99 for Freebox subscribers like the original Free plan. Here is what it contains:

  • 210 GB of 4G+/5G data (including 25 GB usable in 4G from abroad)
  • Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS
  • Premium access to the Free Ligue 1 app

See the Free Mobile plan

Free Series

The Free series changes content regularly. At the moment the Free package is offered at only €8.99 per month for 1 year – you will switch to the Free 5G package at €19.99 per month beyond the period. Here is what he offers:

  • 90 GB of data in 4G/+ (including 10 GB usable in 4G from Europe / DOM)
  • Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS
  • Premium access to the Free Ligue 1 app

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Should I take the Freebox in addition to the Free Mobile package?

Like all operators, Free tries to push you to subscribe to as many services as possible. And with the Free Mobile plan it becomes very interesting. If you subscribe for example to the Freebox Pop (€15.99 per month), you have the right to choose a basic package at €0 per month or a 210 GB 5G-compatible package for €31.98 per month in total.

However, note a few things to know. For example, only Freebox Pop and Delta are “non-binding”. Other older offers assume a 12-month commitment period, which in some cases may prevent you from taking advantage of the best mobile plan promo from the moment. That being said, it is not necessarily prohibitive.

Free regularly offers discounted internet offers (barely a few euros) for 12 months with a commitment. As long as these rates apply, it is better to stay on the Free plan because in total you can save a lot of money.

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The 4G and 5G coverage of the Free package is excellent in town

Free Mobile goes quite far in terms of 4G coverage. At the beginning, the own network was, it must be said, insufficient. Free relied heavily on a 3G roaming agreement with Orange. But the operator has rolled up its sleeves in the meantime to the point that today we can say that the 4G network is excellent in town. Even if there are sometimes holes in less dense areas. You can consult this Arcep map to get an idea of ​​the network coverage of the Free plan in your area before subscribing.

The Free 5G plan even acts as a leader in next-generation connectivity. When allocating frequencies, Free Mobile has indeed placed itself massively on the 700 MHz range, which has a little less potential in terms of speeds, but allows the antennas to be spaced much further apart than with frequencies. selected by other operators. Free has put the package on cities and motorways into this area. Reception is good 99% of the time, with an additional point for reception inside buildings.

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In the less dense areas, in the countryside, there are still white or very poorly covered areas, in particular in the large diagonal of the void which extends from the northeast to the southwest. But the operator’s investments remain in progress, and the situation is gradually improving. Opposite, the 5G deployment of Orange, SFR and Bouygues is slower. So that in 2022, the best 5G reception in France is probably at Free Mobile.

In any case, thanks to its low price and the non-binding, the Free package allows you to very easily switch to another operator if you feel the need. You can also do it at any time, and even ask for your RIO number to keep the same number.

Conclusion: should you choose the Free package?

In 2022, Free Mobile remains the most aggressive operator on the market. The key to success is a clear offer, very readable for customers, with only three non-binding packages: at a floor price, inflated to the limit, and a compromise of the two.

With its 2 euro Free Mobile package, it hits the competition very hard, which had to very quickly align similar offers so as not to lose too many customers. The Free 5G 210 GB plan is one of the best (virtually) unlimited offers on the market. As for the Free Series, the operator still offers such aggressive prices for services at incredible prices.

On top of that, Free Mobile is playing the cross-subscription card thoroughly. By subscribing to a Freebox before subscribing to a Free package, you benefit from a reduction of €2 (for the Free package €2 which then becomes free) or €5 (for the other packages). This can save you huge savings on the total price of both subscriptions.

In terms of network coverage, however, note that the Free package is aimed more at city dwellers. 4G and 5G reception is indeed excellent in the city, but there are still rural departments in which subscribing to Free Mobile is not necessarily the best idea. However, the risk is low, since the Free package is non-binding.

At any time you can opt for a mobile plan promoor one better package than Free, for example for reception, or data abroad. Also watch carefully what is happening at Sosh, Red by SFR, B&YOU and Prixtel – four MNVOs who are doubling their aggressiveness to remain competitive with Free Mobile.

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Free Mobile package: the best deal on the market?

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