Free fiber arrives (finally) in Corsica

With 28.6 million connectable premises, Free is one of the French operators with the largest number of homes eligible for fiber optics. And this figure will continue to grow since Free now offers its fiber Freeboxes in more than a dozen towns in Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud.

Spotted by the Busyspider community sitethe information is not yet official, but the first detections of Free’s fiber are also confirmed by our site in several Corsican municipalities, including:

  • Cervione, Poggio Mezzana, Vescovato
  • Lucciana, Borgo, Poggio d’Oletta
  • Lumio, Corte, Santa Maria Poggio
  • Propriano, Albitreccia, Cauro, Figari, Pietrosella,

The Corsica Fibra network in rural and mountainous areas

Free does not deploy its own fiber optic network in Corsica. It rents the infrastructures of Corsica Fibra, the public initiative network of the Corsica region which covers 344 municipalities. The Corsica Fibra network is managed and operated by the operator XpFibre, a subsidiary of SFR specializing in the deployment of fiber in territories not covered by FTTH networks that operators deploy with their own funds in very dense areas and areas medium dense.

Launched in 2019, the Corsica Fibra network relies on an investment of 300 million euros to install more than 120 optical connection nodes and connect 170,000 optical sockets. Nearly 120,000 are already operational in more than 180 municipalities. In 2020, SFR was the first access provider to launch its fiber offers on this RIP.

What Freebox Fiber offers in Corsica?

If you are a Freebox ADSL customer in the Corsican towns mentioned above, you can check on your customer area if Free suggests that you migrate to a fiber subscription. If you subscribe to ADSL or fiber with another operator such as Orange, Bouygues Telecom or SFR, you can change access provider by choosing one of the three Freebox Fiber offers offered by Free.

The Freebox Revolution with a speed of 1 Gb/s, a full channel package (TV by Free) and a TV decoder (not compatible with ultra-high definition TV):

The Freebox Pop with a speed of up to 5 Gb/s, a 4K decoder compatible with Android TV and the possibility of having the Free 5G mobile plan for just €9.99:

The Freebox Delta with a speed of up to 8 Gb/s, the choice of decoder (Android, Apple TV, Devialet speaker…) and many services included (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Cafeyn…):

Remember that Free had already been marketing its very high speed packages for several years in Corsica, but only in the dense areas of the Bastia and Ajaccio conurbations. In the coming months, Free’s fiber will be extended to new municipalities. Go to our eligibility test to find out more about the boxes available to you and subscribe to our fiber alert to be automatically kept informed by email!

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Free fiber arrives (finally) in Corsica

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