For Christmas, SFR clears 100 channels on SFR and RED Box and 40 channels on SFR mobile

100 channels on SFR Box and RED Box

For Christmas, SFR is clearing up its Family package and its 40 channels for its mobile and Box customers as well as 100 channels in total for its SFR Box and RED Box customers. Clearing is available until January 9, 2023. Discover the details of this good Christmas plan here!

The Family package in clear for SFR subscribers (mobile and Box)

The Family package is the merger of the SFR Entertainment and SFR Entertainment+ packages. For €10/month, the Family package provides access to 50 thematic channels. She understands :

  • the 3 Discovery channels : Discovery Channel, Discovery Science and Discovery Investigation),
  • the 4 Universal+ channels : 13th Street, SyFy, E! and Dreamworks),
  • serial channels : MTV, MCM, AB1, SerieClub, GameOne, GameOne+1, J-One, BET, ComedyCentral, ParisPremière and TVBreizh),
  • sports channels : Equidia, MGGTV, Automoto la Chaîne and OLPlay),
  • discovered channels : UshuaïaTV, Trek, Crime District, History TV, All History, Animals, Hunting&Fishing, Science&Life, MyZenTV and MuseumTV,
  • youth channels : Nickelodeon Junior, Boomerang, Boomerang+1, Tiji, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon+1, CanalJ, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Teen, Boing, Toonami and Mangas,
  • music channels : MTV Hits and Trace Urban

During the clearing period, only channel streams are open. But replay services are not available.

The Family package is available individually only on SFR offers. It is also offered as a pack with standard Netflix at €13.49/month or Disney+ at €8.99/month. Packs with the Family package are available on all SFR offers and RED by SFR.

The Pass Cinema, Music, Arabia, Portuguese Premium and African Privilege packages in clear on the SFR Box and RED Box

In addition to the unencrypted version of the Family package, the Box offers (SFR Box and RED Box) benefit from the unencrypted version of 5 other bouquets, i.e. a total of 100 unencrypted channels until January 9.

The clarification on the RED-Box and the SFR-Box concern:

  • the Family package and its 50 channels (see earlier in the article)
  • the Cinema Pass package (€13.99/month) including the 6 Cine+ channels (Premier, Frisson, Emotion, Famiz, Club and Classic) and the 4 cinema channels Paramount Channel, Paramount Channel Décalé, TCM Cinéma and Action
  • the Melody TV music channels (€4.80/month) and the Mezzo package (Mezzo and Mezzo LiveHD, €6.90/month)
  • the African Privilege bouquet (€14.99/month), including the 10 channels of the African Discovery package (ORTB, NCI, TV Congo, RTG, etc.), the 12 additional channels of the African Premium package (Equinoxe TV, Nollywood, Trace Africa, Novelas ,…) and 4 channels (Sunuyeuf, Gabon24, A+ and Trace Gospel)
  • the Premium Portuguese bouquet (9€/month) includes the 6 channels of the Portuguese package (SIC Noticias, TV Record, SIC International, Record news, TVI Internacional and Porto Canal) and 8 additional channels (Trace Toca, Benfica TV, A Bola TV, TVI Ficcao, TV Record Europa, Canal Q, Local Visao TV and RTP3)
  • the Arabia package (€9.90/month) includes 14 Arabic-speaking channels (Ennahar TV, El Hiwar Ettounsi, MBC, Iqraa TV, Hannibal TV, Panorama Film,…)

The bouquets are available as an option on SFR Box and RED Box, with the exception of the Family bouquet which is only available at SFR.


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For Christmas, SFR clears 100 channels on SFR and RED Box and 40 channels on SFR mobile

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