Fontiès-d’Aude: after a month and a half without a network, the village finds internet and telephony

Deprived of internet and telephony since November 4, the village of Fontiès-d’Aude has been connected to the network again since December 19. Orange subscribers were deprived of any form of communication for a month and a half.

After nearly a month and a half without internet but also without fixed or mobile telephony, Fontiesois subscribers to the operator Orange can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Since December 19, Fontiès-d’Aude has been connected again and its residents can therefore once again enjoy the internet and the telephone.

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Orange sent us a message to inform us, internet and telephone are working again but there are still cuts at times for some residents“, says Alain Garino, the mayor of the town. This malfunction followed acts of vandalism, in this case, the theft of cables.

Your internet line is restored. Everything works ? If not, restart your Livebox and find help on“Here is the email received by the first magistrate. He certifies that he has not received more information from the operator. “I did not have any further explanation.

A goodwill gesture ? So far, I haven’t seen any

With the network restored, Alain Garino now encourages affected residents to request a discount from the operator. “A goodwill gesture ? So far, I haven’t seen any“, he assures. The absence of means of communication had caused enormous damage. “We can’t work, it’s impossible“, testified Jesus, the electrician of the village. “I have a husband who is sick […] He can’t reach the emergency services“, related Marlène, a Fontiesoise. In total, 30 to 40 Orange subscribers in the town had been affected.

To prevent this kind of situation from happening again, the mayor has been calling for the installation of fiber in all the districts of Fontiès-d’Aude for a while now. “We are waiting for the fiber, there are only two poles to plant to get it. If we had it, we wouldn’t have had these problems.“, plague Alain Garino. “We are part of the first ring of Carcassonne Agglomeration and we don’t have fiber everywhere. While the second crown is very well equipped“, he adds.

No reimbursement on the agenda

For its part, Orange insists that this malicious act also harms it. “We replaced 800 meters of cables, this involved civil engineering work, which explains the delays […] We are in a particular situation, Orange also suffers from these thefts which penalize customers.” That is, it will be complicated to get a little something. Nevertheless, the operator assures him, he will process the files “case by case“. He invites those affected by this network outage to make their request via customer service.

For fibre, Orange specifies that “Deployment is almost complete”. 94% of homes are already eligible for fiber according to the operator, which ensures that it is doing its utmost to grab a few more percent, despite the “technical difficulties” encountered in this area.

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Fontiès-d’Aude: after a month and a half without a network, the village finds internet and telephony

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