Focus on these new mobile operators who compete with Sosh, Red, Free, and Bouygues Telecom

They arrived slowly in the middle of the telephony. And quietly, they quickly established themselves as serious competitors against the old ones such as Sosh, Red, Free or even Bouygues Telecom. They are Youprice, Lebara and Source, three MVNOs that are shaking up the mobile market and bringing a breath of fresh air. With their non-binding and low-cost packages, services that you can’t find anywhere else, choosing them becomes a very good plan. So why not try them?

Lebara, YouPrice and Source: make way for the new operators!

Although the incumbents have their headquarters well established, new mobile operators are regularly appearing on the market. These new players must, to exist, offer different services from the competition. This is precisely the case of three new MVNOs, recently arrived:

  • Lebara Mobile : this English operator has established itself on the French market with a wide choice of non-binding mobile offers ranging from a Mini package with only 2 hours of calls to a subscription with a large data envelope 250 GB, all at very competitive rates. Lebara also plays the card of competitiveness by regularly offering promotional mobile plans, such as an 80 GB plan for less than €10/month. Another strong point, the operator Lebara Mobile is based on the Orange network.
  • YouPrice : this new mobile operator launched in May 2022 by the Netcom group offers low-cost plans on the SFR and Orange networks, a unprecedented and unique proposal on the French market ! You will be able to choose between the two best French networks and adjust your offer precisely according to what you need, since the YouPrice formulas are flexible.
  • Mobile Source : this new mobile player based on the Bouygues Telecom network play the card sobriety and solidarity. Another unique and daring choice! With Source, your unused gigas are converted into drops and then into donations to the association of your choice.

Let’s now look in more detail at the offers of these new mobile competitors.

Source Mobile: a solidarity offer at a fixed price

Source Mobile only offersa single mobile plan offered at only 10€/month. A price that remains fixed and therefore will not change after a few months. Another advantage, this mobile offer is no time commitment, you remain free to cancel or keep your subscription. Another advantage of this inexpensive package: it is blocked, no unpleasant surprises when billing. In addition to its low price, its responsible and supportive component makes it an attractive and different package on the market.

YouPrice Le First package: a flexible offer from €9.99/month for life on the Orange or SFR network

the The First package from YouPrice is a promotional offer available from only 9.99€/month, no duration condition. This adjustable offer including 80 to 100 GB of mobile data works on the Orange or SFR network. You have the choice between these two networks. This mobile offer also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from the EU and overseas departments. From these same areas, YouPrice allocates 16 GB of data for your web use. In mainland France, you will pay according to your consumption according to these three levels:

  • up to 80 GB: €9.99/month (with 5G at €14.99)
  • from 80 GB to 90 GB: €12.99/month (with 5G at €17.99)
  • from 90 GB to 100 GB: €14.99/month (with 5G at €19.99)

Lebara package: 80 GB for less than €10 on the Orange network

Lebara Mobile uses the Orange network, network once again number 1 according to ARCEP. By choosing this operator, you benefit from a high quality network, but at a low price. The proof with the Lebara Mobile plan with 80 GB which is displayed at the canon price of €9.99/month. No bad surprise after a few months: this promotion is valid no time limit! With this subscription without commitment, you can use up to 80 GB of mobile envelope per month in France and call and exchange SMS without counting. Another advantage of this Lebara formula: it is available without contract and without RIB.

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Focus on these new mobile operators who compete with Sosh, Red, Free, and Bouygues Telecom

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