Find the adorable Little Brown Bear on SFR Kids Récré

“Oh, here’s someone: Little Brown Bear”. The cartoon about the most adorable bear cub, adapted from the books of the same name, has just been installed on SFR Kids Récré, the application designed for the pleasure of children and the comfort of parents. Get ready to meet Mama and Papa Bear!

There are animals like that, which we would not like to come across in nature, but which we want to cuddle. And these animals have a name: bears. Especially the teddy bears, which have become the absolute symbols of children’s soft toys. So inevitably, when in 1975, Little Brown bear arrives in Pomme d’Api, the cult magazine dedicated to youth, the box is immediate. We discover a 3-year-old, humanized teddy bear, who lives pretty little adventures, with his parents and his friends, in what looks like real life. The success is immense and timeless, with millions of copies sold each year, and it was therefore logical to see the cutest of the bears having the right to his own animated series, now available on the SFR Kids Récré application.

Little Brown bear looks a lot like Martina, but with many more hairs and claws. Like the famous comic book heroine, he finds himself in many very simple situations, which each time give a perfect episode title to understand the plot: “Little Brown Bear Goes Back to School”, “Little Brown Bear Loves Candy Too Much”, “Little Brown Bear Makes Pancakes”, “Little Brown Bear and the Babysitter”or our favorites, “Little Brown Bear is mad at mom” and “Little Brown Bear is going to sleep at his cousin’s”. You will have understood it, it is not frankly Game Of Thrones, and fortunately, since it is for children. The secret is simply to make our honey-loving hero live short, simple and cute adventures in which children can find themselves. After Cédric, Léonard, Funny little beasts, Spongebob and many others, Little Brown bear is therefore also available on SFR Kids Récré.

SFR Kids Récré, the happiness of children, the confidence of parents

SFR Kids Récré is the perfect application to allow children aged 3 to 10 to play suitable games, or watch cartoons they love, with optimal parental control. On the application, it is indeed possible to configure several accounts, for children from 3 to 5 years old, from 6 to 7 years old and from 8 to 10 years old, who will thus only have access to content suitable for their age. It is also possible to decide how much time they can spend on the phone or tablet, with access that can be limited depending on the day (for example by not allowing use of the application on weekends) the schedules (you can determine a maximum time per day, and at certain time slots). And do not be afraid when the child leaves SFR Kids Récré: he will not be able to access the rest of the phone, leaving the application requiring the formulation of a code, determined in advance by the parents.

Find SFR KIDS RÉCRÉ, the multi-content application for your children from 3 to 10 years old on all your smartphones and tablets!

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Find the adorable Little Brown Bear on SFR Kids Récré

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