Finally, discover the function of this hole located on the key of your mobile phone!

When you buy a brand new Android phone, there’s always that little key that comes in the box. And if you look very closely at the shape of this key, you can see that there is a small hole at the top and it is far from useless. We will share his job with you below.

What is the function of this small circle?

Most people don’t know it, but actually the circle on the end of the Android phone key is a lot more important than you think.

Indeed, this small hole is used to be placed on your main key rings so that you no longer lose your Android key. Excuses that the accessory is so small that it can easily be lost are no longer acceptable.. Now you have been warned!

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What is the little key for?

As mentioned above, the key accompanies your Android phone when purchased. But what exactly is it for?

In fact, this key has the function of removing the nano-SIM card or the micro SD from your phone. Thus, it makes it possible to eject the support SIM card outside your device. It is therefore preferable not to misplace this small tool.

In addition, also be aware that pointing at a sharp object other than the key, for example: a paper clip or a needle, can be dangerous for the telephone. This can, in fact, damage it.

Thus, the key must always be near you and as we said above, the easiest way to protect it is to hang the key hole on your key ring. A very simple and very effective way at the same time.

Safely eject SIM card

The SIM card is one of the most important elements of phones. Therefore, it is always better to pay attention to it, especially when removing it outside the telephone device. Many of you are probably wondering how to eject a Sim card without damaging it. Well, we have the answer you need.

Actually, it depends on your phone. The mostly telephone devices, nowadays, allow the removal of the SIM card while being switched on. Otherwise, it is best to turn off the phone first before removing the SIM. Once the SIM card is removed, you can restart your phone.

Why do you have to wait before renewing a smartphone?

Since we are talking about telephone devices, it is true that we have witnessed a very great evolution in mobile phones in recent years. It is therefore normal if sometimes you may feel the need to buy a new smartphone. But believe it, this decision is not a priority and we will prove it to you.

Why should you wait before renewing your smartphone? Simply because in the future, many more high-end phone devices are already waiting for us. In any case, that’s what Qualcomm (one of the biggest chip manufacturers) had promised to its loyal customers.

Moreover, this American company which specializes in technology had recently presented a brand new work. This is the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC which is none other than one of the high-end chips at the moment since its performance is just incredible!

Indeed, as revealed by Qualcomm, this chip allows users to view streaming videos for more than an hour, during 80 minutes more precisely. A story that will please fans of fiction.

In addition to this, Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 also allows social network addicts to surf the platforms for a good fifty minutes. Incredible isn’t it?

Regarding phone calls, Qualcomm has not done things by halves, because according to the company, autonomy during the call will increase by 5 hours while audio playback could progress up to 17 hours.

A very promising chip that you can grab from the second quarter of 2022. Note that many phone brands have already promised to use this high-end tool, namely: Motorola, Honor, Black Shark, OnePlus, Vivo or even Xiaomi. Oppo also said to use Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 once out.

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Finally, discover the function of this hole located on the key of your mobile phone!

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