Fans and artists mourn the death of Congolese artist Tshala Muana on social media

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Congolese singer Tshala Muana, known as Mamu National » Where The Queen of Mutuashi », died Saturday, December 10 in Kinshasa. On social networks, fans and celebrities express their dismay after the death of the famous artist from the province of Kasai Occidental, in the DRC.

Peace to your soul Mamu”; “Peace to your soul, my grandmother’s idol, peace to her soul even if we are not from your generation but we all loved and danced to your music. Thank you so much for making us dance “. The reactions to the disappearance of Tshala Muana, here on the artist’s Facebook page, express all the sadness of her fans. In French as in Lingala: “ Mamu neti oyebaki post oyo eza ya the day before yesterday, lelo akufi nayo rest in peace ” (translation : ” Mamu, you see this post, it was the day before yesterday, today you died. Rest in peace “).

Always on Facebook, Mboted internationally yours which means “ Hello, internationally yours “, or also “ goodbye ezalaki » (« It was a goodbye “); ” Ah Mamu Tshala Muana Mamu National mbote yango ezalaki nde ya suka »; ” Ah Mamu Tshala Muana Mamu National, that hello was actually the one at the end » ; “ Mom, we will miss you very much » ; ” Peace to your soul Tshala Muana Mamu National, you broke the hearts of your fans “.

Many other comments salute the memory of “National Mamu” following the article published on the RFI website.

On Twitter, Congolese artist Werrason says how painful it is to see Tshala Muana leave so soon.

The artists are of course not alone in expressing their sadness, many fans also pay a vibrant tribute to the queen of Mutuashi.

Reactions also on the web, such as the Nofi website, which salutes the career of the Congolese star, and recalls that she was not only a great music star, but also an actress, producer and politician very committed to the fight for the emancipation of women.

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Fans and artists mourn the death of Congolese artist Tshala Muana on social media

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