Extremely simple: 3 fixed-price packages on the Bouygues Telecom network

Sober, efficient, committed: here is Source.

The Source operator was born from an idea of ​​Bouygues Telecom, and uses its network of 4G antennas. First originality: it only offersonly one offer, package without commitment of 40 GB, with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, for 10 euros all stack per month. A price fixed, for life! This compact mobile plan is perfect for a comfortable everyday use : surfing, listening to music on Deezer or following your favorite Instagramer. It will suit teenagers, like the majority of us, which consume our largest volumes of Internet data, especially from our home line. And if exceeded, recharging is possible, in installments from 5 GB to 2 euros.

It will also suit those who would like to a “conscious” act of purchase. Just as today we can choose a “green electricity supplier”, we can decide to opt for a new eco-responsible mobile operator. Source is part of it, and proposes to hunt for unconsumed gigas of your plan. Thus, each month, your gigas remaining but already paid can be credited in the form of “Drops” to your account. The formula : 1 giga not consumed = 20 drops.

These “Drops” can be used on the partner site Lilo, a solidarity search engine which supports hundreds of projects and associations, both local and international: Médecins sans Frontières, a bulk organic grocery store in Aveyron, WWF, Restos du Coeur… The “Drops” won staying digitally sober are then redistributed in the form of a donation to the chosen project(s). Something to set an example for our children, and educate them to become responsible consumers.

50 GB for less than 10 euros with NRJ Mobile…

Always looking for a package less than 10 euroshere to the nearest penny, and which, for sure, won’t change next year ? NRJ Mobile offers 100 GB in 4G, and unlimited telephony. The alternative operator is best known among those under 25, an age group known to be more “traveler” than others. He also planned 10 giga of possible use from Europe and the overseas departments (to be deducted from the package).

We enjoyed the quality of 4G mobile services of the Bouygues Telecom network, sure. she was recognized again in the latest ARCEP report 2022. But above all, unlike many other alternative operators who are sometimes even more aggressive on prices, NRJ Mobile offers a very wide choice of smartphones and accessories at preferential rates, whether you choose a formula with or without commitment. Here again, the youngest are often the most seduced.

… and double the gigabyte for 3 euros more at Cdiscount Mobile

Stay in 4G while keeping a tight budget, below the 15 euro markwhy not, but when you saw the hand screwed to your smartphone, 100 gigs, this is the minimum. It must be said that one hour of standard video consumes approximately one gigabyte per hour. So do the math : we quickly exceed the official French average of 13.4 GB/ month !

€12.99 per month: this is the exact price of this package without engagementand he is guaranteed for life. The unlimited telephony is understood, always on the Bouygues Telecom 4G network, and concerns metropolitan France and the European zone. There are currently several alternative operators who have aligned themselves with this offer. However, for a few more days, Cdiscount Mobile is the only one to offer you the 1st month free.

One last asset, which takes up the spirit of each of the two packages mentioned above: Cdiscount Mobile also offers a range of smartphones, or rather two limited ranges of 5 devices, to choose from new or refurbishedAndroid version Samsung Where iPhone. Unsurprisingly, a monthly supplement or purchase, and a 2-year commitment will then be requested.

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Extremely simple: 3 fixed-price packages on the Bouygues Telecom network

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