End of the red stamp: what if you don’t have internet or the mail is confidential?

The red stamp indicating a mail that must arrive safely in less than 24 hours, it’s over. Now you have to go online. And the mail is printed by a post office employee. But if we don’t have the Internet or don’t want our mail to be read, what can we do?

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The red stamp, since January 1, it’s over. To send a “priority” letter, which must arrive at its destination in less than 24 hours, customers must now go through the La Poste website, scan or type their letter, which is then printed and enveloped in an agency close to the recipient and delivered the next day. Cost of the operation? 1.49 euros.

But what if you don’t have the Internet?

La Poste offers people in difficulty to do this on the La Poste site to go to the agency closest to their home, where they will be helped by a postman, who will scan the paper letter on the spot using a secure tablet or phone. Except that it is therefore now necessary to go directly to the agency, which is not necessarily next door, especially in rural areas, and of course during opening hours, which is still much more complicated than go post a letter with a red stamp to the nearest mailbox! Remember that 8 million French people do not have internet access from home, according to a 2019 INSEE studyand that almost a third of users have no basic knowledge of computer tools!

What about confidentiality then?

It is difficult with this process, both online and on site, to guarantee true confidentiality of correspondence. The Post ensures that measures are put in place to secure the process. If you go directly to La Poste, the letters are scanned “in front of the customer” by La Poste employees who have taken an oath of confidentiality, explains the company. Whether the mail was scanned on the spot or sent over the Internet, the printing and inserting is then done by machines and not by employees. all in “
secure spaces, locked and accessible only to authorized personnel
“. Finally, ensures La Poste, once printed, the mail is erased from the servers of the postal company, but it will be stored for one year so that the sender can have access to it in the event of a complaint. And if you really want to be sure that your mail will not be read, you can also choose the green stamp, which is posted directly in the mailbox, but which takes 72 hours to arrive!

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End of the red stamp: what if you don’t have internet or the mail is confidential?

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