Emmanuel Macron takes the photo of Blackpink and Pharell Williams: the internet is on fire

Take a K-Pop group (Blackpink), an American star (Pharell Williams), a President of the Republic (Emmanuel Macron) and a luxury tycoon (Alexandre Arnault), all on social networks during a photo shoot and you have a buzz on the internet.

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The images date from Wednesday January 25, 2023 in the corridors of the studios of France 2.

We see the K-Pop group, the Blackpinks, having their photo taken with Pharell Williams. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. So here’s a little background.

January 25, France 2 records the program which will be broadcast on Saturday January 28, 2023 in the early evening for the special program Pieces yellow, notes La Voix du Nord.

The Blackpinks caused hysteria on set. So much so that a France Television executive confirmed to the Parisian that there would be work on the board for ”

get the editing right… and make sure we hear

» South Korean stars.

Emmanuel Macron as a photographer for a moment

But it was when leaving the stage that a moment was filmed and went around social networks. The Blackpink and Pharell Williams cross paths in the halls of the chain. An improvised photo session follows… and it is Emmanuel Macron who takes the photo of the five stars.

No one would have known if Alexandre Arnault – son of Bernard Arnault – had not filmed the scene. It should be noted that one of the Blackpink singers is the face of the jewelry brand Tiffany&Coof which Alexandre Arnault is the director.

In short, the eldest son of the billionaire did not resist posting, writing: “

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, taking a picture of Pharrell & BLACKPINK for them. I never thought I’d say that phrase one day in my life

», reports the Huffpost.

For now, we don’t know if it was a Blackpink who asked the president to take their picture with Pharell Williams or if it was Emmanuel Macron who asked. Still, the video, relayed by Blackpink fans’ Twitter then went around the Web via TikTok.


Neymar? Now Mr. President become a photographer? #blackpink #macron #pharrell #blink #galadespiecesjaunes2023 #for you @blackpinkofficial

♬ Usopp is overrated – Oscarinho

And netizens around the world commented on the scene. “

I look forward to the band that can beat or recreate this historic BLACKPINK photo; literally alongside Pharrell, Emmanuel Macron is the one who took the picture, and Alexandre Arnault is the one who captured the moment

»reacted a Korean fan of Blackpink.

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Emmanuel Macron takes the photo of Blackpink and Pharell Williams: the internet is on fire

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