Economy: Clément Saad, or the world of French Tech startups

Clément Saad, President of French Tech Méditerranée (©Laetitia Soula)

Company Founder and President Pradeospecializing in mobile security solutions, Clement Saad is also the president of the French Tech Mediterranean since 2019. Meeting.

What is your background and what led you to the mobile security industry?

I am a pure local product. I was born and educated in Montpellier. I defended my doctorate in computer science in 2008, the year of the explosion of smartphones and tablets. I became interested in this phenomenon. I understood that the real revolution was not the terminal itself but the model by applications, which allows interaction with the digital world. By controlling the security of these applications, I ensure the security of users who provide their personal data. The idea started from there. The important thing is to know what data is accessed and where this data is sent. I founded Pradeo in 2010 and marketed the product in 2013, after extensive research and development work. We are now part of Global top 3 mobile securityit is a real pride.

How did the French Tech Méditerranée project come to fruition?

Having no Silicon ValleyFrance has developed the label of French Tech. In 2014, the metropolis of Montpellier obtained this label. Subsequently, with several business leaders, we created an association bearing the label. It is a collective adventure. The French Tech Mediterranean is now carried by entrepreneurs on a territory extended to Hérault, Gard and South Aveyron. Recruitment, sales, international, fundraising… it is useful for all the issues that companies face sooner or later. Our ecosystem is experiencing great maturity today, with listed companies or who have developed in Japan and the United States. This provides us with significant feedback that is useful to other entrepreneurs. I am very proud of the benevolent state of mind of our French Tech, very collaborative between investment funds, incubators, large groups, startups, universities and laboratories. It’s exhilarating.

Can you tell us about some of the actions implemented at the French Tech Méditerranée?

Some devices are emblematic and very pragmatic, such as BusinessLink, which is in its 3rd edition. It makes it possible to establish a link between start-ups and large groups, to meet and study possible collaborations, whether commercial, technical or financial. the horizons program allows him to meet international contractors, San Francisco or Hamburg for example. At last, French Tech Rise allows our champions to meet investment funds, often Parisian, which we bring here in immersion so that they can discover the territory, its laboratories of excellence, its universities, its incubators, etc.

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What are the areas of excellence of start-ups established in Montpellier?

French Tech Méditerranée is trans-domain. We can cite digital, health with a real political will around the Med Vallée project, food tech, sport tech or the environment.

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Economy: Clément Saad, or the world of French Tech startups

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