Economy – Atypikoo, the dating site for neuroatypical people created in Limoges, will launch its mobile application

It will be three years in June that David Boudjenah created Atypikoo in Limoges, a dating site, a kind of social network at the crossroads of Meetic, OnVaSortir and LinkedIn, but for atypical people. These zebras, as they are called, can be high intellectual potential (HPI), high emotional potential (HPE) or hypersensitive.

Already more than 20,000 members

This site quickly found its audience. Friendly encounters, romantic encounters or professional encounters, Atypikoo makes it possible to exchange with more than 20,000 atypical adults from all over France and French-speaking countries.

“Unlike traditional social networks, Atypikoo is a social network where everyone can be themselves, in an authentic way,” says David Boudjenah. For people outside the norm, this changes a lot of things. Often, they find themselves confronted with such a discrepancy that it is extremely difficult for them to enter into romantic, friendly or professional relationships with other “typical” individuals”.

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Covid effect?? The health crisis and the various confinements have not slowed down its development. “We even had a small evolution, specifies David Boudjenah. For the most part, neuroatypical people manage loneliness quite well, but they and they also needed a tool like Atypikoo to be able to organize events again and be able to meet. »

During confinement, David Boudjenah took the opportunity to develop a new version. Because over the past three years, the subject “high potential” has become very fashionable.

A new fashion with its lapels…

Season 1 of the series HPI broadcast in 2021 on TF1 enjoyed great popular success. “We noticed that there were more searches on our site, assures David Boudjenah. Visitors who asked themselves questions and wanted to know whether or not they had an atypical profile. »

At the same time, colleagues have published unflattering surveys on the “business” around HPIs. The magazine Capital was the first to draw in August 2021, pointing to the “thriving business of the gifted”.

Economy Atypikoo the dating site for neuroatypical people createdThe zebra, emblem of the Atypikoo network. ©Photo Atypikoo

Tuesday, May 10, it’s everyday Release who devoted two pages to the “high potential scam” of HPI diagnostics.

“Charlatans, there are in all areas, laments David Boudjenah, but we must not put everyone in the same basket. Since the creation of Atypikoo, we have been focused on people. Our mission is to help people in need. Part of the site is free. Our quarterly subscription is cheaper than most sites, 36 euros for three months and even without a subscription, members can access a lot of services. »

For all neuroatypical. If Atypikoo has found its high potential audience today, its founder now wants to go further by addressing all neuroatypical people.

“A few weeks ago, we decided to welcome new profiles of neuroatypical people: attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia…”, announces David Boudjenah.

Atypikoo members were asking for an app

Profiles that will be able to connect to the mobile application that Atypikoo is developing in July. To finance this app, Atypikoo benefited from a French Tech grant which covered part of the expenses.

To finalize the development, 7,500 euros were missing. David Boudjenah therefore launched, on the platform KissKissBankBanka crowdfunding campaign, which will end on June 2.

Towards an international development?? With this new tool, Atypikoo will continue to develop, at its own pace, on the French-speaking market.

“We had imagined at one point an international development, confides David Boudjenah, but we are not going to do it right away. We have had the opportunity several times to bring in business angel, but for the moment, we can do without it. We are advancing step by step. Sometimes in the world of start-ups, we want to go too fast, we skip steps and it’s a crash. We will therefore continue to move forward at our own pace…”

David Boudjenah created Atypikoo, a social network for atypical people

Job. Thanks to Atypikoo, members can also find a job. “We have been approached by large groups, says David Boudjenah, founder of the social network. For example, we are discussing with Orange and Microsoft. These groups are very interested in the subject of neurodiversity with, very often, dedicated teams. Our idea is to create partnerships to be the interface between companies and neuroatypical people who are looking for a job. Atypikoo has already approached the company in Limoges Celios, directed by Philippe Mazière, which employs people with Asperger’s syndrome (autism spectrum disorders). “For now, we share their job offers,” says David Boudjenah. The next step is to launch a job board (a website that posts job offers, Editor’s note) in the 2nd half of 2022 for companies wishing to recruit neuroatypical people. »

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Economy – Atypikoo, the dating site for neuroatypical people created in Limoges, will launch its mobile application

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