Double collaboration of Carrefour with Pinterest

A leading retailer, Carrefour is joining forces with Pinterest for two operations, including the very first designer campaign ever organized on Pinterest in France. Having observed an unprecedented development of online shopping, the brand wanted to build innovative experiences on the platform in order to engage families and “digital natives”, looking for entertainment for their children and new inspirations for their children. meal.

In order to publicize its new range of giant toys to build yourself, entitled “Les Incroyables”, Carrefour called on the content creator mom Le Carnet d’Emma, ​​who regularly produces playful and creative content on Pinterest to entertain children. Thanks to the content produced for Carrefour, parents discover new ways to entertain the little ones indoors and outdoors, and new products to brighten up their daily lives.

This unprecedented collaboration uses Pinterest’s brand new advertising format, “Idea Ads with Paid Partnership”: indicating that the partnership is remunerated, it allows brands like Carrefour to capitalize on the expertise of creators to produce immersive and interactive content under Shape of Ideas Pins. This last format, composed of several pages and grouping photos and videos, is distinguished by its educational and enriching dimension. It allows users to easily move from an idea to its concrete realization and has increased visibility on the platform, without ever disappearing.

Ideas Ads, currently in beta, are content from creators created in partnership with the brand, which can benefit from increased exposure, going beyond the audience of the creator and the brand, by being amplified on the platform.

As people turn to Pinterest to discover new ideas and shop online, Paid Partnership Ideas Ads elevate content creativity to inspire them to take action.

“With over 7 million monthly visitors actively engaging in DIY, parenting or educational content on Pinterest and 81% of visitors saying Pinterest inspires them to take action and buy or try something new, Pinterest is a place of ultimate inspiration and realization of projects. explains the sign.

Additionally, Carrefour is collaborating with Pinterest to celebrate the “Fête du vin”, developing a personalized quiz to find the perfect wine pairing for any occasion.

With 6 to 10 million unique visitors to the Carrefour France Pinterest page, platform users are actively looking for new food products, new ideas for organizing dinners and entertaining guests.

“Having understood the unique value of Pinterest in helping users to get inspired and plan their projects, Carrefour has developed an interactive and personalized concept: by answering a series of questions, they will be able to discover a selection of wines designed for them, and go directly to the brand’s website to purchase. adds Pinterest, in a press release.

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Double collaboration of Carrefour with Pinterest

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